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Let me introduce you to my good friend Madame Fist!
~ Spinelli

Ashley Funicello Spinelli or simply Spinelli as she prefers, is one of the main characters in Disney's Recess. Spinelli is one of T.J. Detweiler's regular friends, she is the school's resident tough girl and proud of it. She likes beating people up but dislikes bullies and pick fights specifically with people who try to start a fight with her, her friends or innocent children. Spinelli refrains from using her first name as she does not want to be associated with the "Ashleys", a group of girls who use their common first-name as an excuse to form a social clique dedicated to elitism and snobbery.

She is voiced by Pamala Segal Adlon who also voices Dewey from Quack Pack, Otto Osworth from Time Squad, Andy Johnson from Squirrel Boy, and Bobby Hill.


Usually going simply by her last name, Spinelli is a wrestling fan and is the tomboy of the group. Although short in stature for her age, she maintains a tough-guy image, is powerful and often tries to use violence to solve her problems. During the gang's misadventures, Spinelli is the one who gets reluctant kids to talk, usually by threatening or intimidating them during interrogation. With her reputation, a lot of Spinelli's problems happen when she is shown to have a weakness, as she prefers to be unflappable and strong-willed. While she doesn't dislike her first name since she was named after her great aunt, the first woman to win the Iditarod Sled Race, she kept it hidden because she doesn't want to be associated with "the Ashleys", the school's clique of snobby girls. She has a talent for art, though she claims she "only does it to blow off steam". Her fiery and fearless personality has gotten on the good side of Miss Finster multiple times as well as her bad side. It is revealed on Parent-Teacher Night, by Spinelli's mother, that Spinelli has a crush on T.J.

Relationships with the other members of the gang








  • Spinelli's character was inspired by some girl the creators knew in college.
  • Spinelli's ethnicity is Italian.
  • Spinelli share common ground to Hawkgirl (from the DCAU Justice League) in ways
    • Both are short-tempered,have an aggressive M.O; and are known to the the back-bone member of their group.
    • Both have feelings for a male member of their group (TJ for Spinelli and John Stewart for Hawkgirl); the two also shared a kiss with them.
    • Both have shown moments of softness and feminine side (usually around their love interest).
    • Both have one other female member in their group (Gretchen for Spinelli and Wonder Woman for Hawkgirl).
    • Both have kept a big secret from everyone, which everyone eventually finds out later in the series:
      • Spinelli's first name: "Ashley", and her "embarrassing" parents.
      • Hawkgirl for being an undercover agent for the Thanagarians and her engagement to Hro Talak.
  • Spinelli also share traits with Rogue and X-23 from the X-Men series, part of the Marvel Universe.


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