The Association of World Super Men or (A.W.S.M. for short) is male-only superhero organization in the TV show, The Powerpuff Girls.


Major Glory was the founder as well as the chairman of the AWSM. He recruited the other heroes from around the world to help fight against the forces of evil. The AWSM was greeted by many citizens of Townsville as they were listed as the most powerful heroes of the world. One day, the Powerpuff Girls were very excited to join them as honorary members, so they flew to the Mount Neverest for the audition. However, the male superheroes laughed and teased them for their age and gender, but Major Glory tested the girls for strength, speed and heroism respectively. The Powerpuff Girls passed the tests with ease, but the other AWSM members spoke with protest and Major Glory denied the girls members as he stated that they’re girls which he tried to justify with a sexist speech. The girls became despondent about being denied their dream of joining the AWSM. But after they left, a space hotrod flew down through the Rotunda, and transformed into a large, muscular mechanized alien being known as Mascumax, who promptly challenged the AWSM to a battle.

At home, the girls were told by the Professor that their humiliation was televised live, as well as the beating that Mascumax was currently giving the AWSM. At first, the girls refused to save them, but a pep talk from the Professor, basically on how just because the AWSM-members were mean to them didn’t give them the right to abuse them when they're helpless, had them flying back to the Rotunda to (somewhat reluctantly) save the sexist superheroes.

The AWSM members were extremely grateful to the sisters for saving their lives from Mascumax, and (rather sheepishly) asked if they could join their superhero club. At first, Blossom and Bubbles denied them, but Buttercup had an idea and indicated it to her sisters by saying, "Now girls, just because they were mean and insenstive, that doesn't mean we shouldn't turn the other cheek."





  • Comrade Red and Rasslor are the only members of this team who appeared originally as villains.
  • Krunk is the only member of The Justice Friends who is not part of AWSM as Buttercup said "He's too stupid".


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