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Heroine Overview

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Astoria Carlton-Ritz is the spoiled daughter of her late rich father and is Powerglide's human love interest. Ever since her father died and left her to take over his business company, Hybrid Technoligies. Spoiled rotten, Astoria is mostly a figurehead with little control over the company's goings-on. Instead, she spends most of her time throwing herself lavish parties and wondering why nobody wants to be her friend until she was saved by Powerglide from the nasty Decepticon Seekers, Thrust, Dirge, and Ramjet by kidnapping her and take her to Megatron.


While Astoria was throwing herself a birthday party (being attended by the board of her late father's company), the Coneheads came trying to kidnap her, as Megatron believed that she had her father's energy formula. Powerglide, who was passing by, rescued her and took her to the Autobots' New York City base. Optimus Prime, believing that the Decepticons wanted access to the company's industrial capabilities, ordered Powerglide to escort her back home. However, the Coneheads again attacked, this time succeeding in capturing Astoria and leaving Powerglide damaged.

Astoria was taken to the Sky Platform, the Decepticons' new power-gathering facility, where Soundwave and Rumble attempted to interrogate her about her father's formula with the psycho-probe, but got nowhere. Megatron then tried his own hand at interrogating her. What he experienced was frustration beyond anything Starscream could hope to cause. Finally, Powerglide arrived and managed to rescue her. While no one was looking, Astoria destroyed the gem in her necklace, which contained the formula Megatron sought. She was then sent home, while Powerglide seemed to experience some sort of strange reaction in his circuits.



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