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Astro Boy known in Japan as "Mighty Atom", "Iron Arm Atom", or just "Astro", is a fictional character created by Osamu Tezuka and the titular protagonist of the Astro Boy franchise.


  • In the 1963 series, he was voiced by Mari Shizimu in the japanese dub, and by Billie Lou Watt in the English dub.
  • Shizimu also provided Astro's voice in the 1980 series, while Patricia Kugler Whitely (in USA) and Steven Bednarski (in Canada) voiced Astro in the English dub.
  • In the 2003 series, he was voiced by Makoto Tsumura in the Japanese dub and by Candi Milo in the English dub.
  • In the 2009 animated film adaptation, he was voiced by Freddie Highmore, who also played Charlie Bucket, Jared Grace, and Simon Grace, Shaun Murphy, and Arthur from Arthur and the Invisibles. Highmore later reprised his role for the movie's video game adaptation.


Astro Boy was created as a tribute to Tobio Tenma, a boy who was killed in a traffic collision. His grieving scientist father spent millions of dollars to create a robot in Tobio's likeness. The robot, given the name "Astro Boy", had a heart of gold, a genius mind, very advanced robotic weaponry, and the innocence of a child. The scientist raised Astro Boy as his own son until several years went by and he noticed that Astro Boy had not grown at all since his creation. Disgraced by the robot's inability to grow, he threw Astro Boy out into the streets. Eventually, Astro Boy was adopted by another scientist who, also, treated Astro Boy like a son. Astro Boy sought to use his unique, robotic powers to protect the human race.


On his 9th birthday, a young Tobio Tenma collided with a speeding vehicle and died. Devastated by this loss, Tobio's father, Dr. Umataro Tenma, used his position as the minister of science to build a powerful android with artificial emotions, one which was to be a direct replacement to his dead son. Not long after the robot's creation, Dr. Tenma started to feel disappointed by the robot boy's actions. He took the robot to the place where he had last seen Tobio: Plant 7 of the ministry of science, where old, inefficient robots were broken down to be later used as spare parts for newer models. Much like Tobio (who was upset at his father deactivating his robot nanny, who he considered a friend), the robot boy was upset at Dr. Tenma for 'hating' robots, and lashed out towards his 'father'. Having been rejected twice by both of his 'sons', Dr. Tenma shuts off the robot with a heart. Fearing that robots with emotions could take over the human race, Tenma soon destroys the previous prototypes of the robot Tobio as well.

Birth of Astro Boy, the Mighty Atom

Soon after its deactivation, the robot 'Tobio' was found and reactivated by the newly instated minister of science, Dr. Hiroshi Ochanumiz, Having nearly no recollection of his past, the rebooted android was christened as 'Atom', and soon went on many adventures to save his city, Metro City, and developed a close father-son relationship with Ochanumizu, who even builds him a robot sister, Uran.

Powers and Abilities

  • Butt Guns: Astro Boy have machine guns installed in each of his butt cheeks. This is made to catch opponents off guard.
  • Jet feet: Astro can transform his feet into jets that he can use to fly at high speeds and even use to attack enemies.
  • Enhanced Hearing: Astro is capable of hearing things 1000x more sensitive than a human.
  • Arm Cannons: Astro transforms his arms into cannons that fire giant lasers; if Astro spins around while firing with his arm cannon, he can create a shield that can protect Astro from practically all damage.
  • Finger Lasers: His finger-tips open to fire either rounds of bullets or small lasers.
  • Eyes: Both of his eyes can double as search lights.
  • Language Proficiency: Astro was programmed to understand over 60 languages with his electronic brain.
  • Electro Heart/Blue Core: Astro's main source of power source, being nuclear powered and being able to determine whether or not someone is good or evil.

Astro Boy (2009)

Astro Boy in the 2009 film

Astro Boy was once Toby, the son of a famous inventor who was killed in an explosion. Grief-stricken, his dad, Dr. Tenma, revived him in a robot replica. Astro was unaware of who he was until, with the aid of special friends, he grew into a compassionate and brave hero, fighting evil and protecting the innocent.


  • Akin to Mickey Mouse, no matter which direction Astro faces, the spikes atop his head are always in the same place.
  • Astro Boy's Color remake that came out in the 1980's was originally meant to come out during 1977, but changes in plans resulted in it changing into an anime called Jetter Mars.
  • Astro appears as a Star System character in many manga Tezuka series.
  • Astro is the mascot for a series of children's traffic safety videos.
  • Mega Man and Astro Boy are the same robot android.
  • Mega Man and Astro Boy are similar because when they were human, they died and were resurrected by scientists.


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