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Astro Boy is the main protagonist of the Japanese TV series and the 2009 film adaptation of the same name.


Astro Boy was created as a tribute to Tobio Tenma, a boy who died in a car accident. His grieving scientist father spent millions of dollars to create a robot in Tobio's likeness. The robot, given the name "Astro Boy", had a heart of gold, a genius mind, very advanced robotic weaponry, and the innocence of a child. The scientist raised Astro Boy as his own son until several years went by and he noticed that Astro Boy had not grown at all since his creation. Disgraced by the robot's inability to grow, he threw Astro Boy out into the streets. Eventually, Astro Boy was adopted by another scientist who, also, treated Astro Boy like a son. Astro Boy sought to use his unique, robotic powers to protect the human race.

Astro Boy (2009)

Astro boy 2009 1265x528 199957

Astro Boy in the 2009 film

Astro Boy was once Toby, the son of a famous inventor who was killed in an explosion. Grief-stricken, his father, Dr. Tenma, revived him in a robotic replica. Astro was unaware of who he was until, with the aid of special friends, he grew into a compassionate and brave hero, fighting evil and protecting the innocent

Powers and Abilities

Astro Boy has a wide variety of powers, the most prominent being his ability to fly, his ability to shoot beams of energy, and his super strength.


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