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Let's get this over with.
~ Asuka Kazama

Asuka Kazama is a heroine in the Tekken series. She is introduced in Tekken 5 and she has returned in all subsequent releases. She is mostly known to be the cousin of the series' lead character, Jin Kazama. She can fly and has the ability to levitate.

Before releasing the game in the Arcades, franchise developer Namco released images of three new characters as part of their Tekken 5 promotions back in 2004. Amongst the new characters were Asuka, a Chinese kenpo-user named Feng Wei, and a mysterious ninja named Raven. Immediately afterward, speculation began to spread about Asuka's role in the story and her possible relation to Jin Kazama. Asuka is the niece of Jun Kazama.

She is voiced by Ryōko Shiraishi and Seiko Ueda in the Japanese version, and by GK Bowes in the English version.


Asuka is surprisingly brash and arrogant. Though, her profile states that she breaks up fights regularly, she seems to have no qualms about fighting herself and even seemingly revels in it. In her story mode, after defeating her target, Feng Wei, she decides to remain in the tournament in order to "have fun". Her pre and post-match quotes also demonstrate her confidence. As stated in her Tekken 5 / Dark Resurrection prologue, Asuka is also known as being a "nosy kid" who likes to solve other people's problems, "usually by knockout".

Asuka has a cheerful personality and gets along well with the locals. She is a brash hot-headed Japanese teenager. By nature Asuka believes very strongly in justice and devotes much of her free time being a vigilante of sorts, breaking up fights near by. Asuka enjoys fighting in tournaments and dislikes people being angry, violent, offended, upset, hateful, bullies and cocky people. Asuka is a arrogant hot-head who wants her town to be peaceful and have everyone who lives there be friends. She fixes the problems with her kazama-style of martial arts which makes people listen to her and get along. Asuka is witty and even mischievous who at times has shown to be aggresive and also has a competitive streak.

Asuka is a feisty, fiery, spirited, spunky, upbeat, lively and energetic young girl. She is a thrill seeking girl who enjoys adventure and really loves to fight. Although she fights to bring peace to her home town Asuka takes pleasure in fighting and kicking a bullies butt. Because Asuka is nosey she always gets involved in another person's problem even if it doesn't involve her. But this nosey nature comes from her wanting to help people. While Asuka is passionate about fighting, ambitious and determined she is stubborn, hard headed, impulsive and hot blooded as well. Asuka is friendly everyone she meets but when she sees a argument or a fight happening or someone who is offended she gets angered by those things and steps in to end the conflict. Asuka enjoys teaching people a lesson if they are causing any kind of trouble and won't rest until trouble makers learn their lesson. While Asuka is polite to many people she can also be a jerk to people who disturb the peace she wants people to have. Asuka is not a girl who starts fights she is a girl who finishes them. Asuka doesn't like rude bossy people when she get fired up she gives trouble markers a taste of their own medicine by bossing them into behaving after she beats them up.

She wants people to get along with each other but Asuka can also be very childish as well. Asuka is confident in her skills and cocky she is also witty, bold and fun loving. She is also reckless at times, strong, tough, brave and protective. Asuka is a girl who gets stright to the point and will say what is on her mind. She is a girl who does get bored easily and will go around looking for something to do. In a way Asuka tries to act like a mother figure to the people that live in her city who doesn't have a problem of disapling people who step out of line. Asuka does make mistakes a few times despite the fact she is very skilled she can be comical and clumsy sometimes. While Asuka is not a girl who starts trouble she ends trouble despite that nature she has her headstrong, hot-temper that makes her believe if you punch something that fixes everything. Asuka is a action type of girl who can be very cheeky sometimes and overbearing. She is a loud girl who doesn't like to see people get pushed around so she decides to push the bullies around. Asuka gets along with everyone she meets but she does have a problem of throwing her weight around she doesn't like when other people do this but she will do to rude people when she believes they deserve it. She has often shown to be a wisecracking comic relief as well as a show off who is known to act petty.

Asuka doesn't like her rival Emilie who is a high class girl that is her friend sometimes during a few moments. Asuka doesn't like Emilie because of her being arrogant, selfish, greedy, stuck up, cocky, snobby, snarky, petty and snooty. Emilie is also prim, proper, pompous, prissy, sarcastic, elegant, pushy, bossy, sassy and rude. But despite all of those negatives Emilie does have good qualities to her and can occasionally be nice, sweet and kind sometimes but Asuka doesn't see those good qualities in her. While Asuka is a happy girl who finds away to reason with angry people after beating them up and forcing them to listen to her. A plucky young female with a sassy side who will taunt and joke with the people she fights. While being a girl of honor and respect Asuka will use tricks to help her out.

Physical Appearance

* * *

Height: 168 cm (5' 5")
Weight: 52 kg (110 lb)
Build: Athletic
Body Shape: Lean Column / Banana
Somatotype: Ectomorph
Measurements: 36AA - 23 - 33
Shoe Size: 8 to 9
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown
Bloodtype: A+
Age: 17 (TK5 to TK7)

* * *


It is also worth noting that Asuka speaks with a very heavy Kansai Japanese dialect (Kansai is a region of western Japan encompassing the cities of Kyoto, Osaka, and Kobe).

One awkward bit of fan speculation addresses a potential romantic relationship between Jin and Asuka Kazama, which several fans have formulated after viewing the circumstances of the two first encounter. However, there is little to suggest that such a pairing may actually occur, despite the conditions of their meeting often used as a setup for many romantic couples in several popular forms of Japanese media. She is the rival of Emily "Lily" De Rochefort, or simply Lily. Like her rival Lily, she is often loses a fight against an adult female antagonist named Nina Williams (Mary Elizabeth McGlynn).

Tekken 5

She was taught Kazama-Style Martial Arts by her father. She was known as a nosy kid who liked to fix other peoples' problems, usually by knockout. Asuka came home one day to find that an unknown man had destroyed the dojo and put her father into hospital. A detective from Hong Kong tells her the man will be in The King of Iron First Tournament 5. This one's personal.

Tekken 6

Asuka participated in The King of Iron First Tournament 5 in order to fight Feng Wei, who had sent her father to the hospital, but was unable to find him. Lei Wulong, who had also been after Feng, returned to Hong Kong, leaving Asuka with feelings of discontent over the lack of closure. Nevertheless, Asuka's life had gradually returned to normal. However, those peaceful days quickly fell apart after conflict engulfed the globe. After learning that the leader of the Mishima Zaibatsu and the man behind the chaos, Jin Kazama, is a relative, Asuka decides to enter The King of Iron First Tournament 6 to defeat him.


  • "Don't hold anything back."
  • "You sure? You sure you want to fight me?"
  • "That's the lesson for today."
  • "You were pretty good."
  • "Huh? You want to keep fighting? You sure you're not gonna feel it tomorrow morning morning in those old bones of yours?"
  • "You asked for it."
  • "Come and get me!"
  • "I'm a diehard pacific. Whenever I see a street fight in my home town I stop every single one of them. The spirit of Kazama-style is to stop conflicts." — Asuka Kazama in Online Tekken Comic
  • "Come on! Next!"
  • "You're all show."
  • "You're going to get hurt!"
  • "Man, your weak."
  • "You're going to remember this beating!"
  • "Whoa, whoa, stop the mood swings, will ya? You got to learn how to control that temper!"
  • "When this match started, I thought you'd be strong, but I guess I was wrong!"
  • "All I see when I look at you is a freakin' meathead. That beating didn't hurt that much, right?"
  • "Sitting girl's is not my way... better to put my feet forward. My legs are numb the chant's to long!"
  • "It sure feels good after a good deed."
  • "So all of you, choose. You guys what to be friends or you guy wanna be beaten by me."
  • "I hate violence, more than anything I can't help stopping any argument in sight, even if I have to force them to I'm a servant of peace."
  • "Haven't I told you before, no fights."
  • "Oh no! I'm going to be late!" – Asuka Kazama riding her bike to school}}
  • "Hold it right there!" — Asuka Kazama when she sees to gangs fighting
  • "Don't apologize to ME. Just promise you'll play naicely."
  • "Now make and be friends."
  • "Come on now, there's nothing to be ashamed of."
  • "I don't appreciate being called "annoying"."
  • "And remember, make nice."
  • "You can't fight in the middle of the street! Do it somewhere else!"
  • "Make nice. Go on, shake hands."
  • "Okay, Okay! I give up. You win."
  • "I'm going first!" — Asuka Kazama to her friend and rival Emilie
Stowaways? We didn't do anything!
~ Asuka Kazama

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