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Asuka Kudō is one of the main characters in the anime, manga, and light novel series Problem Children Are Coming From Another World, Aren't They?, also known as the first two words of the title, or Mondaiji-tachi, the first two words of the Japanese title.

Asuka was born to one of Japan's wealthiest families during WWII with a supernatural ability to control the minds of others, forcing them to always comply to her every command. A pacifistic person, Asuka hated having this ability, and considered it to be responsible for hurting her friends on one occassion, and forcing her parents to leave her at a young age. One day at the age of 14, Asuka finds a letter on her table, and uses her power on her maid to inquire how it got there. After discovering she told the truth when she said she didn't know how it got there, Asuka opened it, and thought it was a joke. Opening the letter was not a joke, as it transported her to another world just like the letter said it would.

She is voiced by Sarah Emi Bridcutt in the Japanese version, and Nancy Novotny in the English version.



Yō Kasukabe. Izayoi Sakamaki, and Asuka Kudō

After falling from the sky unscratched thanks to the water that they splashed into instead, Asuka is acquainted with Izayoi Sakamaki and Yō Kasukabe. They all found the same letter in their own way, and they were all confused upon entering a fantasy land. After introducing themselves, Asuka quickly concluded that Izayoi was a brash individual who deserved no respect, and while Yō and Asuka carried no ill feelings towards each other, both despised Izayoi, who didn't seem to care, and just wanted to "have fun".

Izayoi notices a woman hiding in the bushes, and all three of them use their abilities to capture it. They all see now that all three of them possess some uncanny ability, and Asuka commanded the birds to stop the kemonomimi in mid-air, who leaped to dodge Izayoi's supernaturally strong attacks. They all were fascinated by Black Rabbit's ears, but were rowdy since being taken away from their worlds with no introduction. Disappointed that her plan to scare them didn't work, she excitedly introduced them to the world of Little Garden anyways. However, it seems that them being able to detect her presence actually indicated their natural ability being great.

Izayoi uses his strategy

Black Rabbit, who was their positive, enthusiastic, and easily flustered guide to Little Garden, conjures a tabletop card game and challenges them, introducing the concept of Gift Games. Izayoi slammed his hand against the table of cards, causing most of them to flip to their face. With all the cards visible, Asuka and Yō effortlessly picked the right cards to win. After accepting defeat, Black Rabbit takes the trio to see a man by the name of Master Jin. Black Rabbit didn't realize that Izayoi had broke formation and started venturing off on his own. When Asuka and Yō told Black Rabbit that they agreed to let him go because of how little they cared about him, Black Rabbit became mad and entered a transformation, where her blue hair becomes pink.

No Names

Without Izayoi, the two girls Asuka and Yō meet Jin Russel, who happens to just be a 12 year old boy, and the only member of the No Name community who could use magic. They learn that the No Name community was once well supplied, but was despoiled by the Demon Lords after challenging them. They are without a name, symbol, and flag. Now members of the community out of their own free will, Asuka, Yō, and Jin go out to eat at a cafe.

There, a very large man named Galdo Gasper meets them, and reveals how pathetic Jin and his community is, saying he's only a leader by proxy. Jin is visibly saddened by this, and is afraid that Asuka and Yō will betray Assuming this to be enough to convince the two girls to join his community instead, he is irked by their refusal, and Jin can't believe how faithful Asuka and Yō are. Altruistically assisting the No Names, she used her ability to force Galdo to reveal the ugly truth that he was hiding, which made him furious, but he was powerless against her absolute authority ability. Asuka was dead set on delivering justice to his evil actions, and they challenged him to a Gift Game.

Black Rabbit arrives, putting faith in them due to knowing Izayoi's apparent strength, but all of that faith is blown away when Izayoi states that he's not going. Dismayed, she leads them to Shiroyasha's gift shop so that the trio can learn about their powers, known as Gifts. Shiroyasha sends them to a pocket dimension of some sort, giving them all Gift Cards that read and display their abilities' names and descriptions on the card. There, Shiroyasha becomes intrigued with Izayoi, who's card states "Code: Unknown". Asuka's card reads "Authority". She then learns that not only is she able to command sentient beings, but she is able to command plants and even objects, a discovery which would become vital for her match against the evil Galdo Gasper.

Gift Games

Fores Garo

Now familiar with their Gifts, Jin, Izayoi, Asuka, Yō, and Black Rabbit travel to Galdo's mansion. Thanks to her zookinetic abilities, Yō was thought to be the best bet at defeating Galdo; however, alarmed at his bestial tiger form (being a werecat after all), Yō was gravely injured. There was a designated sword at the scene which was required to be used to slay Galdo. After using her Gift to force Jin to retreat, Asuka took the sword, previously in the hands of Yō, and rushed to the mansion to kill the werecat. Manipulating the strength of the sword with her control over objects, Asuka successfully killed Galdo, who was lured out with fire and blocked by trees commanded by Asuka.


Having won her first official, dangerous Gift Game, she soon found herself participating in another Gift Game to rescue a petrified Leticia Draculea, the unethical property of a wealthy man named Perseus. He inappropriately looks at Black Rabbit and makes an inappropriate comment, to which Asuka replies that "These beautiful legs are ours". Black Rabbit affirms her statement until she realizes what Asuka actually said, and hilariously flips out a second time when he agrees to Izayoi's "These beautiful legs are mine". Perseus compliments them for being so hilarious, with Black Rabbit easily winning over his fancy. Asuka was appalled by Perseus' perversion, and attempted to mind control him. He scoffed and told her that that only works on low-level Gifts, and Izayoi ends up insulting him back when he grabs his sword to defend Asuka. After suffering a blow to his ego, he accepts Asuka's request for a Gift Game.

Leticia was petrified by a red light from a Gorgon named Algol, owned by Perseus. Leticia's petrification served to save Asuka, and Asuka wanted to rescue her. The alternative to giving the Black Rabbit that Perseus desires so much is slaying a bunch of monsters that took years for the original Perseus to kill-- Izayoi slayed them all in just 1 day. Suffering yet another blow to his ego, he decided to use his Gorgon named Algol to refill his ego, confident that Izayoi wouldn't be able to defeat the petrifying monster. Yet again, Perseus suffered another blow to his ego as Izayoi ended the monster's life, and Perseus charged at him himself, confident that his high ranking status and Izayoi's No Name status was the way it is for a reason. Finally, all of his ego was all gone as Izayoi easily defeated him as if he were some pushover. Asuka, who was fighting Perseus' knights, was petrified by Algol briefly, but it was reversed following the Gorgon's defeat.

Grimm Grimoire

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Izayoi Sakamaki

Her relationship with Izayoi Sakamaki started off vehemently, who she believed to be dangerous and unrefined. Later, when Izayoi stares at Black Rabbit's chest and repeats "Anything?", she gets the impression that he is a pervert, and despises him even more. She soon sees that Izayoi is actually a genius, and comes to respect his strength. This later develops into a mutual respect for one another. Despite Izayoi's blunt, harsh, and cocky demeanor, he deeply cares about Asuka, and Asuka appears to be a good friend to Izayoi in both the anime and illustrated series. Asuka may deny this at times.

Yō Kasukabe

Asuka got along with Yō a while before she got along with Izayoi, likely due to them both being girls and Yō not being nearly as morally questionable as Izayoi. They have a good friendship. Despite how she acted towards Izayoi, Asuka actually showed that she was actually quite amiable to get the introverted Yō to open up while at the cafe with Jin.

Black Rabbit

Like the rest of what Black Rabbit calls the trio, the "Problem Children", Asuka enjoys teasing Black Rabbit, as seen multiple times. All three of them think Black Rabbit is funny and cute when she gets flustered, and is particularly fun to tease. For Izayoi, this also goes as far as making comments and innuendos about her body, which Asuka even did in front of Perseus, but since she is a girl, it serves compliments her rather than make perverted jokes about her. Regardless, Black Rabbit gets flustered when any of the Problem Children tease her, which Yō did to a good degree in the OVA.

When Asuka first met Black Rabbit, her first instict was to grab her ears, and the result was her stifling a laugh. This is likely where it all started, and she was teased endlessly by the Problem Children. Regardless, Black Rabbit is a wayward and earnest Moon Rabbit (human with bunny ears), and they all care deeply about Black Rabbit, Asuka being distressed when she thought giving up Black Rabbit was their only option of saving Leticia Draculea. With Black Rabbit and the rest of the Problem Children, Asuka displays great teamwork.

Jin Russel

Jin Russel is the kind but timid 12 year old boy, leader of the No Name community despite being totally outmatched by the natural gifts of the three teenagers. Yō and Asuka are very kind to Jin, and are eager to help him. In return, and also due to his kindness, Jin takes pleasure in helping them as well, in what little ways he can, and in big ways as well.


Asuka's ability, Authority, was considered by Asuka to be a curse rather than an ability. It was a seemingly unethical ability that could force people to do things against their will. Ordinary humans could be commanded into doing anything she wished for as much as she wanted. By unknowingly using her ability to create a promise with someone, it manipulates their judgement into thinking that anything should be done to keep the promise, and have no regrets going to extreme measures to make sure the promise isn't broken. This is what drove Asuka to independence, as a declaration of eternal friendship was taken too seriously by them, resulting in their injuries to try to surprise her from a different dorm room, and Asuka realized that this was due to her power. This, and she was left by her parents, understandably made her hate her power. Having this unethical ability just made her desire to help other people more, and try to supress her powers.

Her abilities were vastly improved upon entering Little Garden. She was sent one of the magical letters by Black Rabbit, summoning her into Little Garden from an alternate reality. She comes from an older timeline than Izayoi and Yō.


  • Mind Control- The most apparent ability of her Gift is making others do her bidding, with no hesitation and no limit to how many times she can do it. She may use this ability when losing rationalization, and normally obstains from using it. Now that she fights in Little Garden to support innocent people, she uses it to help exterminate evil, and can even use this ability creatively to save her comrades.
    • Animal Manipulation- Mind control applied to animals. Used for the first time when Asuka commanded blue birds to intercept Black Rabbit in the first episode of the anime.
    • Plant Manipulation- This may be limited, as it is not her main ability. But she can also apply mind control to plants. Used to block Galdo Gasper's path.
  • Efficacy Manipulation- An ability she learned upon traveling to Little Garden was controlling the efficiency of objects. Used to empower a sword, which she then used to kill Galdo Gasper. This is why she was able to kill Galdo but Yō wasn't. She also may use this when controlling her mech, Deen.
  • Power Augmentation- She has a supportive ability to strengthen others' Gifts, after learning her true power is manipulating others' Gifts. However, she cannot take them away or reduce their efficacy, only strengthen them.



Merun Mondaiji-tachi.jpg

Merun is Asuka's pet fairy that she found in Salamandra. It seems to have Earth-based abilities, but acts more like a companion to Asuka. Asuka cherishes Merun deeply, much like an actual pet; only it's small enough to fit in Asuka's hand. Merun is revealed to be of the Rattenfänger community, which had access to a mech named Deen. Merun led Asuka to Deen before the Grimm Grimoire's attack on Salamandra.


Merun is a tiny little fairy that's bursting with excitement, which makes her adorable to Asuka, though alongside its cutesy personality, it is very easily frightened, likely since it is so small. It likes to sleep on people it likes, particularly Asuka since she is its owner. The endearing fairy is very loyal to Asuka, and never attempts to leave her side.



Deen is Asuka's most powerful offensive ability, which is a giant mech that is a red automaton with a single blue eye, capable of using its own Gifts. These gifts have immense destructive potential, and include:

  • Solar Flame Manipulation- Deen can generate radiation similar to that which radiates from the sun.
  • Shapeshifting- Deen can increase its size and length of its limbs.

As expected from its large, metal body, it has vast strength.


  • Being born during WWII means that Asuka reached her childhood following the events of it, and she did not grow up in war. Her backstory is tragic instead due to her power.