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Asuka Langley Shikinami is a heroine from the anime Rebuild of Evangelion. In stark contrast to her more abrasive original counterpart, this version of Asuka is more symphatetic if not more sweet around Shinji and everyone else.

She is voiced by Yuko Miyamura in the Japanese version of the anime movie and Tiffany Grant in the English version of the anime movie.


Asuka is a young girl who sport a red thigh jumpsuit, she also sport two semi pigtails in the backside of her hair. After the timeskip she now have a eyepatch.


While the original Asuka was a tsundere, this version of Asuka is a more kind and balanced person. In her interactions with Shinji, she has also been way more empathetic towards him, However, during the timeskip, her personality has matured and become more rational about the post-apocaliptic world she has living.


The Rebuild version of Asuka differs quite a bit from the depiction in the original anime. Her last name is changed from Soryu to Shikinami, her loathing for dolls is seemingly gone, and so is her obsessive crush on Kaji. While still having made a remarkable achievement at her age, instead of graduating University at the age of 14, she joined the European Air Force, reaching the rank of Captain at age 14. While still kind of a jerk most of the time, Asuka Shikinami is merely hostile, selfish and arrogant as opposed to being pathologically histrionic. Not only is she more emotionally healthy, she's actually willing to open up to other people, displaying some affection for Shinji and coming to, if not befriend, at least accept Rei.

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