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You and your worthless cause?!! How dare you make Mithra suffer for your own gain!! You will pay!!
~ Asura to Deus

Asura is the main protagonist as well as the titular character and a hero of the action beat 'em up game Asura's Wrath. His Mantra Affinity is Wrath. He is voiced by Liam O'Brien (English) and Hiroki Yasumoto (Japanese).

He was a deity who was betrayed by his former comrades, killed and framed for murder. The game, developed by Capcom and CyberConnect2, involves Asura coming back to seek vengeance against an impressive lineup of villains with incredible power, all deities. His incredible wrath burns on and never extinguishes, at least not until the end of the game.


Asura, the demigod of wrath, is humanoid in appearance, with red markings all over his body that glow orange when powered up, that trace out from his eyes. He has spiky white hair, white, pupilless eyes that make him look feral that can sometimes glow red, and tan skin. He is also rather muscular in his appearance. Asura's clothing has some Japanese influence, as the trousers he's wearing with a red flame pattern are uncommon. On those trousers, he wears a golden sash. On his legs, he wears unusual golden greaves that also act as sandals, and golden armor vambraces. His age of appearance is labeled to be 28.

Asura's wrath grows large enough to allow him to transform at times, stretching his power and changing his appearance. Across his transformations, he may also appear with six arms, with golden pauldrons on his shoulders, an entire set of arm armor, or appear as a feral beast either entirely glowing orange or all black. Upon reaching his Mantra Asura form at the end of the game, a halo can be seen floating behind his back. His six arms eventually appear with full sets of arm armor on them as well. As Asura the Destructor, he becomes akin to an actual god, with planetary size and all black.

Vajra Asura

Asura's mastery of this form is so tremendous, that he is almost always seen in this form, where Asura's arms are coated in a golden metallic armor. Through the Mantra activation within the demigods' bodies, they are able to metalize parts of their bodies to make them more suitable for battle. The process and degree of metallization differs among demigods; Asura's metalization forms mainly around his arms. This form is the base form upon which almost all transformations improve: mainly Six-Armed Vajra Asura, Mantra Asura, and Six-Armed Mantra Asura.



Originally Asura lived a content life with his wife, Durga and child, Mithra, as a member of the Eight Guardian Generals, a group of 8 deities. He was a student of the great warrior, Augus, along with his brother-in-law Yasha. Asura and Yasha fought many of the monstrous Gohma. One day, Asura was confronted in the Emperor's castle by Sergei, Wyzen, and Kalrow, who tried to persuade him to join what they called "The Great Rebirth", but Asura declined. For his refusal, his daughter was made a priestess, subject to duty to the deities, and Asura was framed for murdering the emperor. Durga was killed, Mithra was taken, and his reputation destroyed. Asura spends the rest of the game going on quests to pay his rivals and the Seven Deities back for taking everything from him.

Asura discovers he remains alive in the realm of Naraka, which is the afterlife ruled by a mysterious spider known only as the Golden Spider. The Golden Spider encourages Asura to climb his way out of the realm of Naraka and get revenge. He had been dead for 12,000 years, but now he is back. While he previously acted more human and benevolent and actually had pupils in his eyes-- all of that was gone. Now that he was back in the realm of the living, he was filled with rage for his betrayal, and sought to kill all of the newly proclaimed Seven Deities.


Long ago, there lived eight deities known as the Eight Guardian Generals, who lead the demigod legions to war against the impure Gohma, bringing peace and prosperity to the world. A lie was fabricated for the humans on Earth to believe in, stating that one of the deities was black of heart, and had ambitions of his own. They called him Asura. The legend lies and says that Asura turned against his kind and struck fear into the demigod race, taking the life of their very own Emperor Strada. Asura was depicted as a three-headed titan with six, muscular arms, weapons held in each one. This Asura brought great imbalance to the world, plunging everyone into a dark era. The legend continues, then, just when it was believed that all hope was lost, seven pillars of light poured down from the heavens, and the remaining seven guardian generals appeared to cast judgement on their brother who had betrayed him. Then, they became known as the Seven Deities, and they watch over the humans from the heavens.


The Gohma

The Gohma were created ages ago by Chakravartin, who was a god rather than a demigod. Their entire purpose was to kill humans and be powerful enough to give the Eight Guardian Generals a run for their money, since they were being greedy and stealing human's souls for their power (mantra) instead of allowing the true god to have their souls. The hive mind and source of all Gohma, the Gohma Vlitra, had an impurity level of "Immeasurable", but they were the deities' nemesis. The events of Asura's Wrath take place right after the deities fight the Gohma Vlitra, which awakens every thousands of years. The Vlitra becomes more and more powerful every time it reawakens, and Gohma fodder numbers are constantly rising. Asura's revenge on the Seven Deities takes place with the Gohma still getting in his way.


Asura as a member of the Eight Guardian Generals.

In the midst of a large-scale battle in space between the Shinkoku Army and the Gohma, Vlitra's mere appearance was enough to destroy most of the fleet commanded by Olga of the Seven Deities. Asura was furious and stubborn enough to keep destroying his numerous enemies, and somehow managed to subdue Vlitra and prevent further deaths. Mithra was happy, and the other deities were shocked.

After this, he returns home to reunited with his family, but is summoned to a meeting with Emperor Strada. The Shinkoku witnesses are then eager to seize Asura after the Emperor flops into Asura's arms, deceased. Asura flees, only to be intercepted by Wyzen, whom Asura faces in combat. After getting past him, he returns home only to see his wife had been killed. Realizing his entire life is crumbling away, he screams. Durga's words to Asura telling him to find Mithra only led Asura to more grief. Mithra had been imprisoned by deities, and Deus attacks him. He then realizes that for some reason, Deus killed Strada and framed Asura for murder and treason, which was not enough. Deus proceeded to kill Asura, making Asura's only goal in life to seek revenge, and kill them all, empowered by his uncontrollable rage.


Wyzen getting defeated by Asura by him concentrating fire on his finger

Asura enters a human village, where he is ambushed by Wyzen, one of his former allies. Wyzen explains to Asura that the Eight Guardian Generals are now called the Seven Deities, and that they've all grown much stronger than they were when Asura was still among them. Asura doesn't want to hear it, so he shuts him up, and they fight. Asura's wrath reaches a point where he unlocks the Six Armed Vajra form which he uses to beat Wyzen. However, Wyzen then transforms as well into Gongen Wyzen, who becomes the size of a planet, by taking energy from their superweapon of mantra known as the Brahmastra. He tried to crush Asura's with his finger, but his wrath multiplied his strength so much that he was able to lift his finger with some arms and punch it with mantra-empowered attacks with the others, killing him from the ground.

Yasha kills Asura, 12,000 years after his first death

Following Wyzen's death in outer space, Asura faints. When he regains consciousness, he is met by his former pal and rival Yasha. He mocks Asura for being so naive, and Asura shuts him up just like he did Wyzen. However, Yasha is more powerful than Wyzen, and defeated Asura even without relying on outside power. Now that Asura has been killed, he returns to Naraka.

After centuries, Asura is reawakened by his impossible wrath, and climbs the pillar of Naraka to the real world even faster this time. Upon entering his home world, he immediately must fight Gohma to save a helpless village, and save an innocent girl with an uncanny resemblance to Mithra. After defeating very large rhino, tortoise, and elephant shaped Gohma, and saving the girl, another deity called Kalrow taunts Asura from his ship. Asura kills Kalrow in his escape pod, who is less brawns and more brains, and calls Asura a feral beast for somehow defeating him without any sort of plan.

Asura slashes Augus with Augus's blade, Wailing Dark, killing him

When he crashes into a mountain, he makes an unexpected reunion with his master, Augus. Augus does not play the role of a villain towards Asura; he just wants to fight him, because of how gung-ho he is. He even let Asura into his hot spring. Asura evidentially surpasses his former master, but it was not an easy match. Augus dies from his own blade, after Asura rips it with his teeth while pinned to the ground with a sword through his chest. Augus is not frustrated that he lost, instead he is content that he died in an honorable match at the hands of his student. Augus says:

Yes... that was a hell of a battle! What now? Where will that anger take you? You are not me, yet you continue to fight... You no longer need my training. The one who stands in the end is righteous. Asura, walk the path that you must.
~ Augus' final words

Immediately following, he fights another intense wave of Gohma, then reunites with that girl he saved, that he has formed a bond with. This time, the deity who would conveniently show up and ruin everything was Olga. She sends a barrage of missiles that destroys the entire village, "purifying" (killing) everyone. Asura is furious at the pure villainy and greed of Olga and the deities, and witnesses their vileness at first hand-- Asura has had enough. The entire armada of ships in the atmosphere get destroyed by a burst of mantra, as Asura transforms into Berserker mode. Olga is dumbfounded by Asura's power, and out of fear for her life, fires the Brahmastra. Asura is so powerful in this state, that he survives the colossal laser beam, but his glowing aura has burnt out in his new form-- Wrath Asura.

Wrath Asura

Some time later while still in Wrath mode, Asura effortlessly kills Sergei with one slash, and fights Yasha, who wishes to return Asura to his senses. After learning about the wickedness of the other deities, he had a change of heart. The Wrath Asura was a feral beast that subconsciously attacked everything, and was much more powerful than normal Asura. This time, instead of Yasha beating Asura, Asura had the edge on him. Yasha was forced to tap into his mantra of Melancholy, and finally subdue Asura, knocking him unconscious.

Asura and Yasha face the Vlitra

After he regains cognizance, he and Yasha go to fight Lord Deus, the leader of the Seven Deities, who is the strongest out of all of them, wielding demigod-like stats and electrokinesis. After a lengthy brawl, Deus escapes to the Karma Fortress and pilots the Brahmastra, which could apparently be piloted. The Brahmastra was the superweapon of the Seven Deities formed by the mantra of 7 trillion lost souls of humans. Asura is furious at how evil they are, and calls them gods of death. After connecting with it, Deus becomes "the strongest being in existence" (not knowing that there's someone else even more powerful than him...). When they reach the Karma Fortress, they defeat Deus in their rematch. Before Mithra can reunite with her father and uncle, the Gohma Vlitra reawakens at horrible timing for Asura and Yasha.

The Gohma Vlitra as seen in the core of Gaea

They fly to the planet, and once they reach the core where the Vlitra resides, they are overwhelmed by its power. Mithra, being an archpriest, grants Asura her blessings, giving him more mantra and turning him into Mantra Asura. As well as empowering Asura, Yasha is rejuvenated. Now a stronger duo than ever, they manage to defeat the Gohma Vlitra against all odds. Now that they escape the collapsing geography, Olga is now having a breakdown due to the loss of Deus and her fleet, and also logic (from her viewpoint). She then tries to kill Mithra and almost succeeds, since Asura and Yasha were not fast enough to stop her. But suddenly, the Golden Spider suddenly appears and kills her, stating that he can't let anything happen to his vessel.

He weaves a web around Mithra and reveals himself as Chakravartin.

False Ending

Chapter 18: The Breaking Point is the final chapter of the main game, without DLC. It is the episode where Asura and Yasha finally defeat Deus and the newly awakened Gohma Vlitra, and finally reunite with a joyous Mithra. However, it does now show the true ending. The difference is that the major plot twist is kept secret, and the player can only unlock the true ending by either getting 5 S ranks or playing 50 episodes.


For the story of Asura's fight with Chakravartin, see Chaktravartin on Villains Wiki

Chakravartin is "the one true god", and confidently reveals that he is responsible for everything that happened in Asura's life. All that pain and suffering was all because of him. Furious, he assaults the god and sees that he is completely outmatched, even though this is his most powerful form.

Asura passes away, finally free of his wrath

After Yasha equips Asura with the reactor from the Karma Fortress that allows him to theoretically infinitely increase his strength, Yasha tells Asura to fight him. Though confused, he did so anyways, and kills him-- but he notices Yasha smiling. Yasha secretly placed the reactor in Asura so that Asura would undoubtedly defeat him, knowing that if he was able to defeat him, then Asura is at his strongest. Dying contently, Asura pays his respects. Using the power of the reactor to become Asura the Destructor, he defeats Chakravartin. As the world falls apart in Chakravartin's absence, Asura realizes his wrath is finally gone. For the first time in millennia, he was happy. Finally reunited with his daughter, Mithra, they have an emotional exchange.

I..I couldn't bear to see you suffer. No more crying. Smile. My wrath... is finally... gone. Durga...I'll be home...soon.
~ Asura's final words to Mithra

Asura is later reincarnated, living a happy life with his daughter, Mithra, and wife, Durga.

Lost Episodes

The Lost Episodes are two non-canon DLC episodes that are more like bonus content, in the form of fighting games. Despite their purpose as a non-canon bonus DLC, the two episodes do share a story. The characters in the Lost Episodes are only voiced in Japanese. This DLC is the crossover between Capcom's Asura's Wrath and Street Fighter.

Asura vs. Ryu fight screen

Lost Episode 1

In Lost Episode 1: At Last, Someone Angrier Than Me, Asura fights Ryu of Street Fighter. The story starts with Ryu being transported to "some strange land", where he is met by Asura, who he deems to seem like a worthy opponent. Asura then inquires if he is worthy to face him, claiming he has no idea. Ryu states that there is only one way to find out, and the fight commences! The fight takes multiple phases; in the first phase, Asura and Ryu fight each other in their current setting, which happens to be a ruined Buddhist temple. The first phase mimics the gameplay of Street Fighter IV.

After sustaining a lot of damage from Asura, he uppercuts Ryu, and stretches his arms out to reveal his Six Armed Vajra Form. In his form of heightened physical strength, he uppercuts Ryu again, this time hitting him in the chest. With a burst of mantra, Asura launches Ryu all the way up to the moon, and following along with him, crushes him into the ground with a pillar of red mantra illuminating the vacuum-like atmosphere of the moon. As Asura continues to crush Ryu to the ground, Ryu gets overcome by the Satsui no Hadou, and becomes Hatred Incarnate Evil Ryu. Phase 2 now begins, with the gameplay switching to Asura's Wrath. With his improved and revamped Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition moveset, Evil Ryu and Asura begin to clash extra violently this time, with awakened modes. After sustaining a lot of damage from Six Armed Vajra Asura, Ryu juggles and finally uppercuts Asura, sending him high into the air. He follows along with Asura so he could crush his skull against the ground with all his might. The punch had so much force that the severe reverse fault in the land reverted itself, the elevated land being pushed back down to equal level with the lower land. After an intense climax of supernatural fistbrawling, the deity Asura defeats the Hatred Incarnate Evil Ryu, reverting him back to his normal form. Asura then compliments Ryu, saying that he wasn't so bad after all, to which Ryu responds that he wasn't himself back there. The dialogue ends with Ryu suggesting another fight, a proposition Asura mocks, saying "You'll just end up losing"-- Together: Wha?!

Asura vs. Akuma fight screen

Asura clashes with Evil Ryu

Lost Episode 2

I am Akuma, and my fists know no equal!
~ Akuma's debut in the end of Lost Episode 1, Asura's Wrath

Lost Episode 2: The Strongest vs. The Angriest picks up where Lost Episode 1 left off-- Akuma's guest appearance. After his villainout introduction, Akuma sends Ryu back where he came from, after throwing his body with enough force to knock Asura very far across the surface of the moon. Asura gets back up, all fired up and ready to fight. Akuma gives him a stern glare, and the fight begins!

Mantra Asura

Ruined fleets of the Shinkoku Army formerly commanded by the deities are seen in the background, which takes place in their current setting of the moon. Inevitably, Akuma is temporarily defeated by Asura, now awakening the Murderous Intent Oni- "My murderous intent shall never fade!". In this form, Akuma discards all of his humanity to master the art of combat, his aura now glowing blue and his hair now an electric blue. With this incredible display of power, Asura fails to successfully parry his chop, with the influx of energy reverting the fault of the land to a severely uneven state yet again. The God of Wrath now enters his next form- Mantra Asura.

Now mimicking the gameplay style of Asura's Wrath yet again (previously Street Fighter IV), Oni and Mantra Asura clash. Their galactic brawl takes place on the moon, then the asteroids, and in space. The fight escalates to the point that the moon splits in half. When it gets so intense that they start flying rather than actually fighting, they crash land back on Earth. The fight rages on for 500 years, until they both turn to statues. As a bird comes to rest on Asura's shoulder, the statues start moving again, and the everlasting battle continues with "To be continued", making it a cliffhanger ending.

Asura and Akuma as statues after fighting for 500 years

Powers and Skills


As a demi-god, Asura naturally has many abilities which are inherently super-human. Even among demi-gods though, Asura is substantially stronger and tougher than most. He is so strong he can hold-back other entities that have enlarged themselves to a planetary scale. The angrier Asura gets, the more power he builds up, and his increased rage can turn him into an unstoppable killing machine. Asura learned how to be a great warrior from Augus and has centuries of fighting experience. Asura's real strength though, is his transformation. Asura can assume specific form, each of which takes on it's own phenomenal physical properties, from gaining damage-resistant-armor to manifesting rage as burning flames.

Fighting Style

Unlike the other deities (whom rely on a specific technique, strategy and power to fight), Asura's main weapons are his fists and nothing else. Due to his anger management problems, he lacks any kind of refinement in his style, and charges at his enemies with pure brutality and aggression, combining his god-powers with his limitless wrath. This don't means, however, that Asura has not skill or strategy whatsoever, and latter proves to be a very proficient and tactiful warrior, as a result of his years of experience and training. Having fighting with along them for a long time, Asura was able to quickly adapt to his ex-friends new abilities and prove to be a match for even a highly proficient warrior and swordsman like Augus, as well being able to fight Yasha despite being weakened and with his two arms tear off. Finally in his battle with Chakravartin, he showed the peak of his skills and powers, having to fight the maker absolute; instead of using brute force as always, Asura chose to re-direct his Chakravartin's attacks using his intelligence and agility, therefore finally getting the upper hand and defeating him and saving the world and Mithra.


Absolute Strength: His strength being only limited to his anger, Asura can be considered as the physically strongest character in the series. He can effortlessly deflect missiles, lift up and throw gigantic entities, and even kill one of them by punching his enormous finger with enough force repeatedly.

Absolute Speed: While his speed is assumedly not infinite, his speed is still only worthy for a demigod to possess. He is untraceable to the human eye, but can trace all of his opponents moves in hand to hand combat.

Master Hand to Hand Combatant: Due to his absolute reflexes, he can react to any impending danger in time measurements beyond seconds small. In cutscenes throughout the game, quick time events that Asura always reacts to (unless the player messes up) depicts Asura's low difficulty in countering attacks. In many fights across the game, not only is his running speed immense, but the speed at which he can fight is enough to overwhelm even the strongest of deities, and the fastest such as Yasha. Alongside his tenacity and wrath that strikes fear in even members of the Seven Deities, he can be equivalent to a combat god. He is so good at fighting that he can fight even with his arms chopped off, and still manage to fend off entire armies of Gohma.

Unlimited Stamina: Asura's stamina is seemingly limitless, rage fuels his power gauge.

Asura's great durability (1)

Among other things that showcase his near invincibility, he was impaled by Augus' sword and withstands it. (2)

Absolute Durability and Endurance: As mentioned in the paragraph above, he can fight even with his arms chopped off, simply relying on headbutts and kicks, but that showcases his endurance. His durability is only replenished by his wrath, meaning he can take even the most brutal of beatings and scare opponents through sheer tenacity alone. He can get slammed all the way from Earth to the moon, and just get back up. He has survived enormous beams visible from outer space, including one that was designed to kill a demigod, being crushed by a giant finger that was long and proportionally large enough to crush him from outer space, and easily taking blows from opponents. His wrath is fueled even more by his emotional trauma of being betrayed.

In the Lost Episodes DLC, he fought Akuma for 500 years.


Mantra is the cosmic energy generated by the emotion of humans and demigods alike, and multiplied by prayers that stockpile to formulate the deities' power. The former Eight Guardian Generals apart from Asura and Yasha (who believed that this was just what was necessary to get rid of the Gohma) grew addicted to this mantra, and discovered that by tricking humans into a false religion of sacrificing themselves and making them think their life was only for a short death, they would gain mantra quicker. They have killed 7 trillion humans. This method for finally eradicating the Gohma was sinister, and they needed Mithra's power for it. Bearing characteristics similar to electricity, it can be transmitted and stored within conductors. Ironically, Asura had more morals than all the other demigods, who were self-centered. Thus, the angriest incarnation of Asura was born.

Asura's Mantra affinity is Wrath. Therefore, his power stockpiles with every level of anger, eventually to a point where he transforms. He's had a tragic amount of pain and suffering, trying hard to get revenge on 7 deities at once for killing his wife, unlawfully experimenting on his daughter, and killing the emperor and framing for it. He literally escapes perdition, only to be sent back by his own rival-- escapes AGAIN, and overcomes impossible odds due to feeling anger rather than doubt.

Mantra Blasts: Using the red Mantra of wrath that he possesses, he can shoot an innumerous number of red energy based projectiles. His energy blasts can target a precise danger coming at him such as a missile or minor enemy, or take down an entire armada of ships in a dazzling display.

Mantra-Enhanced Attacks: Naturally, the source of his insane combat power comes from his wrath. Enhanced with Mantra, he can dash into opponents and send them flying, crush them to the ground with a ground pound, or just hurt them with a single punch.

Mantra Burst: Asura is able to stockpile an extremely large amount of wrath mantra and unleash it, causing shockwaves of variable sizes.

Asura's large amount of mantra

Other Abilities

Immortality: His inability to rest in peace due to all of his wrath is likely what keeps him unable to die, even at the hand of a god. He's come back to life multiple times, guided by the Golden Spider, until Asura kills him after revealing that he was the god Chakravartin all along.

Magic Resistance: Chakravartin, the creator of reality itself, was unable to control Asura despite planning the events of his life (and the game as well). His plan for Asura was foiled by none other than Asura himself-- thanks to his sheer will and indomitable will/wrath. As a result, even being erased from existence fails to subdue Asura.

Transformations: Asura is shown to be capable of many transformations, most of which are unknown to him until he has experienced the pain and suffering he experiences in the story.

Indomitable Will: Throughout the story, Asura's wrath grows larger and larger, and as such, his stubborn wrath refuses to desist. His willpower is supernaturally increased as a result of his powers. The stronger his wrath, the stronger his willpower is to overcome everything. His powers and mantra affinity increase his strength to the point where he will grow stronger and stronger the angrier he gets, similarly to Hulk. His indomitable will is enough to awaken him from death, and resist soul manipulation.

Reactive Adaptation: Asura is a battle genius, able to adapt to all of his opponents, even the tenacious Augus and the agile Yasha. Every resurrection, Asura was shown to be stronger, similarly to Doomsday.


Asura using mantra enhanced attacks in '''Unlimited Mode'''

Unlimited Mode: His body becomes covered in orange lines that emanate (from) mantra. Even prior to him dying at the hands of Yasha, Asura had mastery of this transformation mode, which multiplies his strength for as long as he keeps it up. He is able to stay in this form longer if he has more stamina, but if he gains even more wrath, he may transform into something even greater.

Six Armed Vajra Asura

Six Armed Vajra Asura: Asura grows more arms, giving him six arms instead of two. A possible English version of this name is Six Armed Indestructible Asura, as that is one way "vajra" can be translated. Using this form, his strength further multiplies the strength of the already greater strength of Unlimited Mode. He was able to lift Wyzen's giant finger after reaching this form. Since his mantra can now be launched from 6 arms instead of just two, he now becomes capable of mass destruction.

Berserker Asura

Berserker Asura: When Asura's wrath reaches its peak, he reaches an uncontrollable state of mind, filled with nothing but anger. He can no longer control his thoughts; all that this Asura automatically does is destroy. He no longer listens to reason, only the #1 reason for his wrath could possibly get to him: Mithra. He unlocks this form during the game (not knowing it before), shortly after finding out how the other deities are responsible for the deaths of over seven trillion humans, and kill even more right in front of him, so they can feed off of their souls for more power. This mode is how Asura is able to stand up against them, forcing them to use their superweapon, even among their standards: The Brahmastra.

With this new power, Asura is able to create colossal amounts of mantra, capable of destroying fleets of ships and superweapons orbiting the planet while standing on the ground.

Wrath Asura

Wrath Asura: After being subdued by the Brahmastra, he reaches a state he couldn't naturally reach. It appears to just be a "burnt out" version of the Berserker mode. He is now covered in black. While less powerful than Berserker Asura, it was still powerful enough to overwhelm Yasha and kill any lesser deity in one slash. Gohma fodder are obliterated against this version of Asura. It's durability is still very vast, as it was able to take any hit from Yasha. Since this Asura has so little consciousness that it hardly feels pain, Yasha is the one who fights Asura, and throw combat and dialogue, brings him to his senses. Attacking in this state causes Asura to inflict more damage on himself than his enemies.

Mantra Asura: When Asura finally fights the Gohma Vlitra that is the main enemy to the entire world, he absorbs some of Mithra's power and gains new, unnatural power, even for a demigod. His mantra becomes ultimately precise and refined, being capable of conscious thought while still containing much more power than Berserker Asura. He now has armor that appears godlike, and his arms now hulking, appearing in front of a halo now floating behind his back. He was able to punch the Gohma Vlitra embodiment of the Vlitra Core on Earth so hard that with that tag-team punch with Yasha, they finally got rid of the Gohma. This created a massive crack in the Earth that wasn't merely visible from outer space, but it was a crack the size of a continent.

Six Armed Mantra Asura: This is the full set of Asura's armor that he wears with his Mantra form, as now Asura has six arms, all increased to hulking proportions with god-like armor. Of course, this transformation is many times more powerful than Mantra Asura. He unlocks this form in his fight with the creator of reality himself, Chakravartin.

Mantra Reactor Asura

Mantra Reactor Asura: After Yasha rips out the Mantra Reactor from the destroyed Karma Fortress and implants it in Asura's chest, the properties of the Mantra Reactor greatly increase Asura's strength, giving him room for infinite improvement. After Yasha is killed, the Mantra Reactor absorbs Yasha's mantra and makes Asura a whole lot stronger. The Karma Fortress is the holding facility for all the mantra the Seven Deities collected for "The Great Rebirth", kept intact by this very artifact, the Mantra Reactor. His anger can no longer destroy or harm his body, so he may exert more force without risking death, which is why it gives him infinite room for improvement, due to its absorption capabilities.

Asura the Destructor: In the main story, his ultimate form is Mantra Asura. However, in the continuation of the story where he fights Chakravartin, Yasha implants the Mantra Reactor in Asura and following his death, Asura reaches his maximum power, which was able to overwhelm the god of reality himself, and assume god status. His durability was impossibly increased in proportion to his now planetary size, making the largest planets nothing but giant boulders to crush. He was large enough to act as a shield to Earth, which he did in order to save it from being destroyed by a large blast from Chakravartin, meaning he survived a planetary scale attack. His skin now becomes colored grey, a large halo appears on his back, and his four extra arms reappear. Not holding anything back against the god of reality, his blasts of mantra could destroy multiple planets and stars at once.

Asura the Destructor


Asura is an incredibly powerful entity, not just in his own universe, but even compared to others. Weaknesses he may have, though most of them are minor. But if Asura is capable of being killed, then he has to have weaknesses, and they are showcased here. This includes the cause of death. These weaknesses range from being implied or confirmed.

Swordfighting- Due to Asura's brash style of combat, he is too quick to anger for him to focus on precision, making him an incompetent wielder of a sword. That's why even in training, he always fought with his fists. If he were to wield a sword in combat, he may automatically be out of the league of a mere mortal, but compared to the likes of Augus, he cannot match him in a sword duel. Asura is capable of delivering savage, powerful strikes with the sword, aimlessly, even more so when consumed by wrath. This was shown when he used Augus' sword, Wailing Dark, against him in battle, just using his mouth.

Berserking- When Asura enters Berserker mode or Wrath mode, he loses all control. His intelligence is greatly diminished in expense for absolute power, though even then, it is possible to still defeat Asura in battle. This is a weakness because it makes him unable to discern friend from foe.

Retreating- Once Asura gets into a fight, he lives (or dies) to see its end. When he fought Oni for 500 years, it showed that Asura is poor at getting fights to de-escalate, and it becomes a waste of time and energy.

Burst Mode is activated in gameplay whenever his gauge is full. This needs time to charge though, time that can also be used by a smart enemy. So, this is a weakness.

Power Gauge- The longer the fight ensues, the stronger Asura becomes. Against an opponent who has the ability to cut to the chase and unleash an ultimate, catastrophic attack, Asura would've been killed. However, now it seems Asura would have enough tank power to endure whatever comes at him. Previously, he was defeated by a mere chop. However, he has now shown to be able to survive impalement from a sword, and being brutally smashed into the moon. This nevertheless prevents Asura from ending fights swiftly, a major weakness. This weakness makes opponents able to get the jump on him after, or during a long battle.

Crossovers: Ryu and Akuma were especially stronger in Asura's Wrath than they were in Street Fighter, especially Akuma. Thus, characters who cross into his world seem to receive an upgrade of grandeur power to spar with the god of wrath. This is impractical because it causes conflict, and Asura is not totally immortal.

Absence of Afterlife- Without the afterlife, more specifically, Naraka, Asura wouldn't have his nigh-immortality. Even in Naraka, if he fell down, he would fall for all of eternity and most likely never come back.

Mantra Erasure- This is the essence of all the deities life, and this weakness is absolute; the reason why Asura died in the end of the game. Technically, Chakravartin killed Asura post-mortem since his departure erased all the mantra from existence.

Former Weaknesses

Amnesia- Upon returning to Gaea, he had lost all of his memory. All this does is make him frustrated, but vulnerable.

Dormancy- After returning to Gaea, while he was stuck in perdition, the deities had gotten a lot stronger, giving him a severe disadvantage.

Limited Speed- Yasha was not fast enough to prevent Olga from firing the Brahmastra, and Yasha is faster than Asura. If Yasha couldn't do it, then Asura likely couldn't have either, though this may have changed in the DLC when Asura becomes stronger.

Divine Power- Formerly, any sort of divine power was enough to subdue Asura, shown in Chakravartin's debut. However, due to the Reactive Adaption empowered by the Mantra Reactor, this has changed. Asura was able to kill Chakravartin.


Wailing Dark- Asura briefly used Augus' sword, Wailing Dark, to kill him, with his mouth. Asura is likely capable of wielding a sword, though it isn't his strongsuit.

Mantra Reactor- A plundered gift from Yasha, that only Asura could use to the fullest extent. He used this to become Asura the Destructor.

Mantra Halo

Mantra Halo- For the first time in Mantra Asura form, Asura manifested a halo, upon which he drew an immense amount of mantra from. Using this halo, he can channel beams of immense energy, destroy fleets of giant space cruisers with one burst of raw anger, split the moon into two even pieces, and run and move faster than Yasha. It's possible that in this form, all of the energy in Asura cannot even be stored, giving him a halo.

Vajra Armor- The unofficially named Vajra armor is a golden metallic armor seen in 4 stages.

  • Vajra Asura- Basic armor attire.
  • Six Arm Vajra- Envelopes all 6 arms See above
  • Mantra Asura- Bulky armor covers his two arms See above
  • Six Arm Mantra Asura- See above


Asura's Wrath is a beat 'em up game that also has some segments in it that are on-rails. In the Lost Episodes DLC, it alternates between a fighting game and a beat 'em up game. During the beat 'em up segments of the game, Asura will fight small fodder enemies and some larger enemies simultaneously, that are normally of easy difficulty to defeat. The boss fights in Asura's Wrath is mainly where the difficulty presents itself, and even on normal, it's not entirely easy. Depending on how well Asura clears his path, you will gain a ranking, which ranges anywhere from D to S. The gameplay is the same with Yasha, but of course, Asura and Yasha have different powers, so their moves are also different. Asura fires mantra blasts for the on-rails portions of the game. The sake of this section is for Asura's abilities exclusive to gameplay, but not actually possessed by him. Certain gameplay elements can alter his abilities, which are the unlockable Gauges.


The unlockable gauges that alter Asura's abilities in gameplay (without requirements) can be found below:

  1. Defender: Decreases damage taken
  2. Destructor: Fills up the Unlimited Gauge faster (Bar that indicates progress on being able to transform to Unlimited Mode
  3. Thermoregulator: Recover from overheating faster
  4. Survivor: Length of time in Unlimited Mode is extended
  5. Blind Master: None of the gauges are displayed throughout the game
  6. Augur: All counterable attacks are automatically countered
  7. Mortal: Reduces the length of the Life Gauge (Health bar)
  8. Obliterator: Maintains the Unlimited Gauge at maximum at all times
Burst Gauge

See above: Weaknesses -> Power Gauge

Burst Mode is activated in gameplay whenever this gauge is full. This needs time to charge though, time that can also be used by a smart enemy. So, this is a weakness. Asura's boiling rage stockpiles itself to an intense degree to start a powerful attack on the enemy. In gameplay, it will often start QTEs (Quick time events) or cutscenes, and may even deliver the finishing blow. This is an ability unique to gameplay.


Asura is inherently a warrior. He remain determined to the point of stubborn and is very quick to anger. He prefers to charge into situations head-first, using force as others would breath. Asura dislikes accepting the help of others and prefers to remain self-reliant. Asura is still conscientious at heart; however, his warrior's mentality often keeps this part of himself concealed. Despite all this, he deeply loves his wife and daughter; Durga and Mithra respectively. Asura also holds the highest moral of all the seven deities, refusing to sacrifice innocents in order to get more mantra, he was also extremely protective with humans (especially the girl who reminds him of his daughter) and was horrified and angered to discover how many lives his ex-partners had taken in order to get more mantra to fight the Gohmas, Asura's main traits (and flaw) is his rage, which can be contributed to him sensing people crying (as it's established, he hates seeing people, especially Mithra, crying), and was willing to do anything to save Mithra and stops her from crying.

Throughout the game he showcased a godly portrayal of wrath, as if he was wrath incarnate. As the god of wrath, this is ideal, and many reviewers of the game noted how much wrath Asura has. Thus, this is his most notable quality. Upon the ending of the game, Asura's wrath is finally gone, and he becomes reincarnated, living a happy life with his family. As the reincarnation of Asura, he is shown to be very courageous in this ending.



Asura and Yasha were rivals and best friends since the very beginning of Asura's Wrath, and for likely their entire lives. Following Asura's resurrection after his betrayal, Asura and Yasha start to hate each other, Asura thinking of Yasha as a false prophet and Yasha saying Asura is a fool. When Asura says "Who do you think you are?!", Yasha replies "God.". Later, when he begins to question the Great Rebirth's legitimacy, he switches sides, and tries unsuccessfully to save Asura from being blasted by the Brahmastra by Olga. After Yasha saves Asura from Wrath Asura, they becomes bros again and work together to fight Deus, and then the Gohma Vlitra and subsequently Chakravartin. Yasha dies for Asura so that he can use the power of the Mantra Reactor to defeat Chakravartin. They fistbump, and Asura states that he was always a brother to him.


Mithra and Durga are Asura's family: daughter and wife respectively. He loves them both unconditionally, and was distressed following Durga's meaningless death at the hands of his former allies, and loves Mithra so much, that he claims that that is the number one cause for his wrath. Upon saving Mithra from Chakravartin, his wrath is finally gone.


Augus was Asura's mentor. Following Asura's unbecoming, he feels he must kill Augus as a part of his vendetta. While Asura may have acted hostile towards Augus, Augus was never truly hostile towards Asura, and in reality, wanted to watch his pupil defeat him. He gave Asura encouraging words as his last, and over time, Asura's bitter feelings toward Augus fade away. Prior to this, they had a good relationship.


The 13 year old girl from the village Asura comes across, who bears a striking resemblance to his daughter, Mithra. The village girl who had gained so much admiration for Asura meets an unfortunate end right in front of his eyes, due to Olga's assault. In that instant, his inability to save her and his hatred for the Seven Deities cause Asura to explode in a torrent of rage; he loses control of his own will and pierces the sky with his incredible power-- unlocking Berserker form. The unnamed girl is simply referred to as "Girl" in-game.


All of Asura's enemies are hated by Asura to an incredible extent. "They took everything, but the fires of rage burn within. They will feel his wrath. Rage never dies". Regarding Chakravartin, it's impossible to estimate how much he hates him. He states that he is the sole person that he must kill, but unlike most vendettas, Asura's is against a god who scripted his suffering and scripted his wife's death. He gave him millennia of suffering, which is why he hates him more than anyone could possibly hate anything, especially since he is the god of wrath (technically).


This is a comprehensive list on how Asura was able to kill all of his enemies from the start of the game to the finish. Following his refusal of the deities' plan, he unintentionally makes an impressive amount of enemies with a mutual death wish. Even more astounding is that they were all former comrades. Asura's life is so messed up that even those he considered friends had to die at his hand. While the "Victims" section is normally reserved for villains, this is an appreciation of how magnificent his wrath is. It's also a shortcut to the story of how Asura was able to win at containing his wrath.

Victims of Asura's Wrath



Augus was formerly Asura's trainer, and Asura's master. Following Asura's unbecoming, he feels he must kill Augus for him to succeed in revenge, despite him being his former master. In their tough battle, Asura manages to slice Augus with his own blade, clenching it with his teeth. While Asura may have been hostile towards Augus, Augus was never truly hostile towards Asura, and just wanted to fight him one last time. Over time, Asura's bitter feelings toward Augus fade away, until finally, his wrath is gone.


Their on & off relationship reached its peak following the death of the Gohma Vlitra. During this peak, Yasha sacrificed himself so that Asura could become an individual being powerful enough to kill Chakravartin. Asura would wake up from a coma following the death of the Gohma Vlitra to find Yasha eagerly waiting to duel him. Unaware of his new strength, he subdues Yasha. Before he lands the finishing blow, he notices a smile on Yasha's face, revealing the Karma Reactor from the destroyed Karma Fortress attached to him. They fistbump before Yasha fades away.


Note: This is in chronological order.

Numerous Gohma

Numerous Shinkoku soldiers

Asura striking a Taison

  • Taison- High-ranking soldiers of the Shinkoku Army. On top of being skilled in hand-to-hand combat, their large bodies allow them to handle large weapons with ease.
  • Rasho- Middle-ranking soldiers of the Shinkoku Army. Fierce warrior types specializing in direct combat, they show no mercy toward their enemies. They command the Doji soldiers in troops.
  • Doji- Low-ranking soldiers of the Shinkoku Army. While not very competent, their power lies in their numbers and the various weapons they wield. They quickly get carried away and are easily confused. They often speak in short, one word sentences. The Doji and Rasho drop from Lotus pods, which are a symbolic flower in Hinduism.
  • Kagebosh- Operator-type soldiers that manage the command system of the Shinkoku Army. Cold and emotionless, this type of soldier can process and relay intel at high speeds.

Wyzen- Wyzen died in his most powerful form as Asura imploded his finger, causing a chain reaction. Wyzen died in agony. This is the only person Asura defeats in his first resurrection.

Kalrow- His "flawless" strategy was thwarted, flabbergasting him for the first time in his eons of existence. Asura crushes him in an escape pod.

Sergei- Sergei is easily killed by Asura in his Wrath Form after the part where Olga purifies everyone in

Deus is finally defeated, thanks to the efforts of Asura and Yasha

the village following Asura's second resurrection.

Deus- Asura works together with Yasha to defeat and kill Deus, the orchestrator.

Gohma Vlitra- Killed by Asura and Yasha after defeating Deus together. Performed while under Mithra's blessing. By killing the Vlitra, Asura also becomes a genocidal savior, exterminating all the Gohma and driving them into exinction

Chakravartin- Killed by Asura the Destructor.

Furthermore, Asura's killing of the deities led to the disbandment of the Seven Deities. The only deity not killed by Asura is Olga.


Worthless scum! I'll kill you all!!!
~ Asura's debut
Come on, you bastard!
~ Asura to Evil Ryu, smiling
I don't know how to save the world. What I do know is if I save Mithra this hell will finally end!!
~ To Deus
I understand it all now! The true reason for my wrath! I could not stand it! There is always some fool who wants to rule the world! Always forcing others to do what they cannot do for themselves! That's why I pray to no one! Nor will I be prayed to! But above all else I will never forgive you FOR MAKING MY DAUGHTER CRY!!!!!!!! This is your end!!
~ To Chakravartin
Let her go! I said let her go!
~ To his former comrades at the beginning of the game
I remember now... YOU BASTARDS!
~ To Wyzen regarding him and the Seven Deities
DEUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will not let you take anymore lives!!!!!!
~ To Deus, swearing revenge
Save the world by turning the souls of humans into Mantra? Was that the best you could think of? You and your worthless cause?!! HOW DARE YOU MAKE MITHRA SUFFER FOR YOUR OWN GAIN?!?!?!?! YOU WILL PAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ To Deus
DEUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM TAKING MITHRA BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ To Deus
12,000 years and nothing has changed!
~ Asura upon returning to Gaia from Naraka
You talk too much!
~ To Wyzen
You think too much!
~ To Yasha (after he fights Wyzen)
I am nothing like you!
~ To Augus
I grow tired of hearing about the world!
~ To Kalrow
Is this what Gods do?!...There is no need...for gods that only take...FOR GODS OF DEATH!!
~ To the Seven Deities
What did you say?! Be proud... for Mithra suffering?!
~ Asura to Yasha before Yasha learned the truth
I don't know what to do when she cries. The best I can do is punch anyone who makes her cry.
~ To Durga regarding Mithra
I know how you feel. You. You let me handle them.
~ Asura protecting the little girl he comes across
I will destroy you and your so called world!
~ To Chakravartin
(Laughs) He is the one...He is the reason for it all!!! You..You're the one I should kill!
~ To Chakravartin
You idiot...You were always a brother, never an enemy.
~ To Yasha following his death
I..I couldn't bear to see you suffer. No more crying. Smile. My wrath... is finally... gone. Durga...I'll be home...soon.
~ Asura's final words to Mithra


  • Asura's power is similar to Hulk's power in Marvel Comics, but stronger than Hulk's power in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • Asura's Berserker form bears a resemblence to Naruto Uzumaki's Four Tails mode. They both are unable to distinguish ally from foe in this state, attack everything subconsciously, and Asura has four giant arms while Naruto has four giant tails.
  • The Berserker form also looks very similar to the Gohma Vlitra.
    • It's worth noting that CyberConnect2 developed both Asura's Wrath as well as the entire Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm series.
  • Asura has a lot more transformations than the other gods in Asura's Wrath.
  • Asura is based off of the Asuras in Hinduism and Buddhism, who are aggressive people (to be very much simplified).
  • It is debated on whether or not Asura is able to fly.
  • Asura also shares similarities with Asura from Naruto, as both seem to be reincarnated.
    • Naruto and Hashirama are said to be the reincarnation of Asura, and the man seen in the final ending of the game is reincarnation of this Asura.
  • If Asura stares at a girl's assets for too long while in the hot springs with Augus, the player will unlock a "mock" achievement called "View of the Valley", with the description "Give in to your male instincts", and an animation will occur.
    • It is revealed that the hot spring attendant is actually a demigod as well, in the concept art called "Hot Spring Attendant", calling them "As graceful as they are deadly".
  • The icon for the game on Xbox 360 is a picture of Asura's face.
  • Asura bears a resemblance to Evil Ryu from Street Fighter, as both have spiky hair, tan skin, and red irises, as well as both of them being angry, and both from a Japanese franchise.
  • Asura appears in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition.
  • Asura has long been compared to an anime character, as the Determinator TV trope has been associated with anime/manga, especially of the Shōnen variety.
  • The only deity that Asura does not kill is Olga, who is killed by Chakravartin instead.
  • Asura is the only deity who has always been good.
  • A running gag in the game is "Press _ to shut ____ up". You have this option when fighting Wyzen, Augus, and Kalrow. Each time you press the button to shut them up, you will unlock an achievement or trophy that says "Shut Up, Wyzen!", "Shut Up, Augus!", or "Shut Up, Kalrow!".
  • Berserker and Wrath forms are the only forms where Asura can't activate Unlimited Mode.
  • Asura is regarded as the newest of the Eight Guardian Generals.
  • The game mistakenly calls Mantra Reactor Asura "Mantra Asura", even though that name had already been used to describe a previous transformation.
  • Fortress City Temple

    The default background for Asura's Wrath on Xbox One via backward compatibility is the concept art called Fortress City Temple, which can be seen under Illustrations in the Extras section of the main menu.
  • Asura is different from Kratos in the God of War franchise.
    • Both are vengeful demigods, Kratos' main weapons are the Blades of Chaos, while Asura has none.
    • The goal of Asura is on a path of protection, while Kratos' goal is on a path of vengeance.
    • Asura seeks vengeance against those who betrayed him whereas Kratos seeks vengeance against the machinations of the gods.

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