Ater and Arbus
Ater will always accompany Lord Kcalb...
~ Ater in bonus room
Hahaha, if I'm having fun, then anything goes. ♪
~ Arbus in bonus room
Ater & Arbus is a pair of cat demons and supporting characters of The Gray Garden. She serves as Kcalb's underlings. In other words, they both never obey him and she's accidentally caught Grora's eye.


Ater is a young demon with straight white hair going down to her waist styled in a hime cut and crimson red eyes. Arbus is a deceptively young looking demon with with short, straight black hair reaching her shoulders. They both have attire resembles a school uniform, consisting of a white collared shirt with a red tie topped off with a light grey jacket. They both skirts is a darker shade of grey paired with red checkered leggings and black boots, bat wings adorning it's sides. They both her head are a pair of black cat ears. They also has two pairs of wings sprouting from her back.


Much like a cats, Ater and Arbus are very mischievous and playful; primarily with Kcalb, for example, calling him "old man".


  • Her Latin adjective word is Ater which means is Black, dark, gloomy, dismal or malicious and Albus which means "White" instead Mogeko given her name Arbus.
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