Tom, he thinks you're his mother!
~ Athena, about a baby dragon called Puffy after he hatches from his egg and takes Tom as his mother
Athena (Tom and Jerry)

Athena (Tom and Jerry: The Lost Dragon)

Athena is the heroine from Tom and Jerry: The Lost Dragon.

Tom and Jerry: The Lost Dragon

This kind-hearted elf girl is the niece of an evil witch, Drizelda, but has dedicated herself to helping animals all over the kingdom. As an outcast in her village, she is ridiculed by the townspeople for her failures, but befriends Tom and Jerry. Athena is also willing to help the mischievous duo and keep a baby dragon named Puffy out of the reach of Drizelda's wicked hands.


Athena is much similar to her aunt Drizelda. She has black hair with a white curl hair,and a red sweater preferring to go barefoot.


  • Athena is played by Kelly Stables, who also voices Puffy.
  • Like Rapunzel, she only goes barefoot throughout the flim.

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