Athena (WO4)

Athena is a character in the Warriors Orochi series, a crossover of the Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors video game series. She is a mythological goddess of wisdom and warfare. Born from the head of Zeus, she is regarded as a guardian deity of cities.


When Athena and Ares watched Zeus's experiment together, but they were stolen by Perseus, Athena also pursued it, causing the Ouroboros Bracelets to scatter the world. After Naotora Ii gain the most powers for herself, the mortal realm was rise up and Athena went to the world to fight for Perseus and to engage in a fierce battle with humanity. After Zeus eventually came to the world, he was defeated by Yukimura Sanada and Guan Yinping.

However, Ares misunderstood the true meaning of Zeus, then he wants to killed Zeus and taking its powers. Behind the black hand, Odin also surfaced and began to attack humans, the fairy world and Athena, Athena was forced to unite with mankind. Although Susano'o arrived in the world, he could seen Nezha and Nuwa against Ares and Athena, who got help from Cao Pi and Zhao Yun, who were authorized by the Ouroboros Bracelets, Zhao Yun recognizes that this opinions is very low and has benefits for others.

So she can express her intention to cooperate with them and stop Odin, Zhao Yun, Yukimura, and Guan Yinping were not feel terrible and just let her stand out from the battle. After Ares acknowledged another mistakes and joined forces with the most warriors, Athena, Fu Xi, Nuwa, Susano'o, and other gods helped Ares to resurrected Zeus and defeat Odin with humans, smashing his ambition to destroy the world. After the end of battle, she returned to Olympus with Zeus and Ares, Zhao Yun and Guan Yinping were return to China and continues to training, Yukimura returned to Japan with his armies and ensure in own lives.


  • The Warriors Orochi series has Athena follow her father to Orochi's world in search of Perseus who had betrayed their ranks.
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