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As I trained with the others, they kept telling me I was too stiff. I'm not sure what they mean. I train for long hours every day! My body is lithe and supple!
~ Athena.

Athena is a character in the Warriors Orochi series, a crossover of the Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors video game series. She is a mythological goddess of wisdom and warfare. Born from the head of Zeus, she is regarded as a guardian deity of cities.

She is voiced by Suzuko Mimori.


When Athena and Ares watched Zeus's experiment together in case, while through the Ouroboros Bracelets were stolen by demi-god, Perseus. Athena also pursued it which causing the Ouroboros Bracelets to scatter the world. While that reprimanded by Ares, Athena leads her armies by managing to arresting Liu Shan, Liu Bei's son who served as the second emperor of Shu. She is laxity then wanted agrees joins with the humans seeking on that takes various leaders which nevertheless by judgement. Hoping that all of them enforced Shu forces, which were to be in heeds. Heads to Mystic Realm in blight to worked into empowering the bracelets, Athena later arriving in China, making up to deals with Nuwa because the Mystics are gets way to attacked the two Olympians.

Susano'o, the powerful deity with being leader among the Mystics is helps the Olympians at does completed embarking battles meantime as all the humans are withdrawn. Liu Shan frees from way, Athena fights with alliances under location on Honnōji which have failed by doing for it. Zhao Yun, the Shu commander who is remaining his loyalty to Liu Bei for slants at that on to be accepted by Athena then Perseus, who have finds through had been overlooking to plaguing. He additionally into fights with Yukimura Sanada, which latter talking to him, Athena is wishing for them to cheering away and helps the Mystics combines powers, so that owe opposition to demonical warlord, Orochi.

After Zhao Yun following to fights with Guan Yu as all the warriors are helps Naotora Ii in request to gains the most powers of Ouroboros Bracelets, the mortal realm was rise up and Athena went to the world to fight for Perseus and to engage in a fierce battle with humanity. After Zeus eventually came to the world, he was defeated by Yukimura and Guan Yinping. However, Ares clearly from disagreed Zeus's actual connotation who could failing to killed him in dares tries abusive its powers. Behind the black hand, Odin also surfaced which began to attack humans, the mortally world, and Athena. There, Athena was forced to unite with mankind.

Previously, Susano'o arrived in the world as he could seen Nezha and Nuwa against between Ares and Athena, whom gets helped from both Cao Pi and Zhao Yun, who were being authorized by the Ouroboros Bracelets. She express her intention to cooperate with them and stop Odin, Zhao Yun, Yukimura, and Guan Yinping were not feel terrible that lets her stand out from the battle. Athena comes into Okehazama by her instruction in being which sooner defenses the alliance main camp, only principles such about that her aided forces to chasing Lu Bu. Else by reaching on Fan Castle, she later helps Sima Zhao, Ma Chao, Hanbei, and all the officers with formally attacking to moderate troops.

Ares, who acknowledged his faults because of stealing the powers and beats Zeus without desires but then well done is later joins the coalitions together with all the warriors exactly. Odin later tricks Loki to took out way for the bracelets as knowing then in devises to conquering the world along with his forces but so on right away that he also executed him to making creating the powerful weapon called Yggdrasil. Athena, Fu Xi, Nuwa, Susano'o, and the Mystics helped Ares to resurrected Zeus and defeat Odin with Zhao Yun, Guan Yinping, Yukimura, and all the warriors, wrecking his ambition to destroyed all the worlds since Yggdrasil is damaged and evil powers has no longer need.

After the end of battle, she returned to Olympus with Zeus and Ares, Zhao Yun and Guan Yinping were return to China and continues to training, they are being watched by several Shu officers, including Guan Ping, Guan Suo, Guan Xing, Zhang Bao, Bao Sanniang, and Xingcai. Yukimura, who returned to Japan with Kunoichi and his armies and ensure in own lives.


  • The Warriors Orochi series has Athena follow her father to Orochi's world in search of Perseus who had betrayed their ranks.