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Sorry about that! Are you hurt? I guess I got a bit carried away!
~ Athena Asamiya's win quote from The King of Fighters '98.
Athena Asamiya. The daughter of King and Queen Asamiya. Has the power of Dragon's Flame. And became the leader of the Animal Miraculous Superheroine Team.
~ Trailer from the Miraculous Animals Series One

Athena Asamiya is a major character originally from the former SNK's video game Psycho Soldier and a descendant of Princess Athena from the game Athena. Her box is upgraded because of the Love Heart Arrow made of Miracle Light Bouquet and the Silver Crystal. She is the leader of the KOF team in SNK OVAs.

She is voiced by Haruna Ikezawa in Japanese ever since The King of Fighters '98, Kelly Metzger in the VIZ dub, and Kira Buckland in the Cloverway dub.

She has also been voiced by Rushina (who is an anonymous SNK employee) in Psycho Soldier, Reiko Fukui in The King of Fighters '94 and Metal Slug Defense, Masae Yumi in Neo Geo CD Special, Moe Nagasaki in The King of Fighters '95, Tamao Sato in The King of Fighters '96 and Neo Print, Yukina Kurusu in The King of Fighters '97 and The King of Fighters: Kyo, as well as Feng Youwei performing her Chinese voice in Neo Print, and her English voices in the Maximum Impact series were Robyn Gryphe in the first game and Lily Kong in the sequel.


She later appears in The King of Fighters series of fighting games as a female fighter character and has appeared in every one of its editions. She was also given her own RPG game Athena: Awakening from the Ordinary Life in 1999 released only in Japan for the Sony PlayStation. She is perhaps best known for changing her outfit and hair style for virtually every new KOF game.

Athena was an anticipated character for The King of Fighters lineup and developers relate that they are constantly working to keep her in the series. Throughout the years, her sailor uniform outfit was a frequent request from Japanese fans that was denied due to the belief that it wouldn't translate well with the overseas audience (this kept up until recent installments). Her official nickname is The Psychic Powered Idol.

In the character popularity poll on Neo Geo Freak's website, she was voted as the tenth favorite character with a total of 1,020 votes.


Athena is a modern day high school girl in Japan. She teamed up with her friend, Sie Kensou, to fight in the name of justice. In Psycho Soldiers, she was one of the "heroes of light" who defended the world from the Shiguma forces. Her psychic powers are believed to be transmigrated to her rather than inherited by her family. As such, she is sometimes referred to as the resurrected Athena who is gifted with esper-like powers.

Orochi Saga

In the King of Fighters series, she is a student of Kensou's Kenpo teacher, Chin Gentsai. She has spent most of her life secluded in China's mountains training. Her team participates in the tournaments as a form of training and to save the populace from an apparent future threat. Other times, they enter to disrupt any evil forces they may feel at the time. In the 1996 tournament, Chin seemed perturbed by the energy he sensed and didn't want his students to be involved with it. However, they surprise him by redoubling their enthusiasm for the event and they enter.

Their success in the tournament is shown in the following year where they received a mountain of adoring fan letters. Athena in particular had a boost in popularity and stardom. However, Chin rejects their proposal to enter King of Fighters since he doesn't want his students to forget the purpose of their training. Determined to change his mind, Athena presents him with an inspirational letter from Kaoru Watabe. The contents in the letter helps her argument that their publicity moves people to do better things, which is essentially another way of saving people. Convinced that his students are improving, he allows them to enter once more.

In the aftermath of KOF '97, the Psycho Soldiers meet Kaoru, who now travels with them to most of their engagements and was even a striker in KOF 2000.


By this time in the series, Athena becomes a famous pop-star who is rising the charts with her concerts. She welcomes the new recruit, Bao, warmly and hopes that he does his best. Additionally, she grows concerned for Kensou once he lost his powers though she remains optimistic that they might return during the tournament on a spur-of-the-moment notice.

Her team's backstory in The King of Fighters 99 reveals that the team was there during the collapse of NESTS's base in the finals. During that time, Athena was caught underneath the falling rubble and passed out. Though he has no memory of it, Kensou saved her with a formidable latent energy. Ever since then, Bao suffered from a mysterious fatigue and illness. This same energy is later revealed to be the "Dragon's Spirit".

Though she has her doubts with her master's methods, she wearily agrees to join the tournaments in this saga to treat Bao and Kensou's predicament. In the team's story in The King of Fighters 2000 she, Chin and Kaoru Watabe witness Bao's near heroic sacrifice as he takes a the NESTS satellite's energy beam to protect them, and how this leads to Kensou recovering his powers when he absorbs the rest of the energy.

Ash Saga

For the first time since the beginning of KOF, the Psycho Soldiers did not enter the tournament in KOF 2003 since Kensou and Bao went on a year long training mission with Chin to master Kensou's unreliable "Dragon's Spirit". Not wanting to miss out on her annual fix of tournament competition, Athena joined forces with Hinako Shijou and Malin to form the High School Girls team, a strange but rather successful partnership. For KOF XI, Athena reunites with Kensou after his year of training. She also meets Momoko, one of her fans with psychic capabilities.

Though neither Athena or the other Psycho Soldiers have much connection with the major plot in KOF 2003 through KOF XI, it seems she is destined to soon struggle alongside Kensou and Bao against the evil and powerful Ron and his henchmen, who intend to steal the Dragon's Spirit.

The King of Fighters XI: The Animated Movie

Athena appears as the main protagonist of this movie. She helps everyone defeat Shion (who is possessed by the Proto Cupid). As Magaki injures Yashiro, Shermie, Chris, Iori and Leona and is about to kill them, Athena touches his hand, turning him good again. Proto Cupid Shion then tries to kill Athena with her arrow, Magaki jumps in front of her and takes the hit instead, dying in the process. An enraged Athena transforms into Princess Athenia, granting omnipotent powers. Shion then uses Dark Ryuseihekirekika against her, but Athenia blocks it with a shield. With this, Athenia pulls Proto Cupid out of Shion's body, killing her. She then kills Proto Cupid using her Moon Stick and the Silver Crystal. The Proto Cupid dies and disappears, only leaves Shion's spirit, restoring her life, and restores everyone's lives, including Sulia, Laocorn, Jamin, Hauer, Panni, Lily, and more. Athenia then uses it to make Yashiro, Shermie, Chris, Iori and Leona reborn as babies. Athenia then transforms back into Athena, but she is completely exhausted. Athena wakes up in her bed, shocked to see her family and her friends standing beside her. She reunites with her whole family.

In the end, Athena is last seen singing "Everybody's Changing" from Keane, along with Shion.

The King of Fighters: Summer Adventures

Athena appears as the main protagonist, along with the others.

She first appears in a camper, along with every other girls, including Shion, talking about a cruise ship. After they arrive at the beach, they carry suitcases. Then, they are greeted by Captain Elisabeth and Professor Najd. After this, Athena and Love play lacrosse outside the cruise, beside the pool. Athena, Love and everyone are shocked to see Terry unconscious on the floatie.

After she nurses Terry back to health, Love suggests that there will be a royal ball and a dinner party after the ball. When it's night time, Athena dances with Kensou clone. After boyfriend clones disappear, Athena attends a dinner party. Athena and Love are picked from the audience to witness the power of hypnosis to Rugal, but Athena prefers the power of something else. The misunderstanding does make Angel see the green and gray smoke cloud. After the dinner party finishes, everyone else hide under the tables because Wolfgang Krauser comes.

Krauser orders his servants, the Orochi servants, to attack them. After the others transform, they try to defeat his servants, but Elisabeth is captured and turned into Orochi Leona.

After she is unconscious, she is revived by Shion. She, along with the others, meet the spirits of Athena's caretaker Lily McGuire and her best friend Sulia Gaudeamus. Lily and Sulia tell them that they are going to get the treasure chest and give it to Krauser. After the spirits disappear, Athena and the others complete the two slides, and they find a strange tunnel. She secretly pushes the button, and the tunnel's door opens. Athena and the others enter, only to find out a strange brown cavern. They found Terry's wrecked ship, and a treasure chest. Love takes it, only to be captured by the Orochi servants and Krauser.

Athena suddenly gets angry about the capture of her friends and transforms into Engage Mode. She uses her Love Heart Arrow to defeat Krauser, but is overpowered. Athena uses Psycho Ball and Shining Crystal Bit inside the Love Heart Arrow, and ultimately defeats him. After defeating Krauser and his servants, Athena takes the spirit box, which contains Angelina Howard's and Like Heart's spirits and returns the spirits back to the owners, after restoring the servants and Krauser back to normal.

After deactivating the transformation, Athena's box is upgraded. The next morning, after Lily and Sulia's visit, Athena is shocked to see Angelina and Lily as twin sisters. After the Fatal Fury anime movie, she is last seen singing "My Immortal" from Evanescence, along with Alice (who plays a piano), Jenet (who plays a rock guitar), Lily (who plays a violin), Love (who plays the drums) and Sulia (who has a microphone).

The King of Fighters 3: 3 Girls and a Baby

Athena plays as the first pig and is the main protagonist in the sixth and final SNK OVA.

The three girls, Athena, Sulia and Lily, become the target of a special-ops team of people, Boss Tuxedo, Jamin (Sulia's sworn enemy), Hauer, and other people. The team's plan to finally infiltrate the impenetrable house of bricks by leaving a baby girl on the unassuming girls' doorstep. The girls take the girl in and raise her as their own. The newest addition to their family, Jenet, grows up into her teens not knowing her history, her role in the team's plan or the difficult choice she will have to make about the family that raised her.


  • She is also shares date of birth by Sayaka Maizono in Danganronpa and of Saki Tsuzura in Arcana Heart.
  • Her childhood best friend is Sulia.
  • Her transformation item is a headband.
    • If she inserts a star on her headband, she transforms into a fighter with any forms she wants.
  • Magaki sacrifices himself to protect her from Proto Cupid Shion's arrow, but is revived by Princess Athenia using the Silver Crystal during The King of Fighters XI: The Animated Movie.
  • She is a singer at the end of the 4th and 5th SNK OVAs. The 4th one is a singer along with Shion, and the 5th one along with Alice, Jenet, Love, Lily and Sulia. She becomes a lead singer in the Miraculous Animals series.

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