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At least I still have my life.
~ Atsushi's mantra.

Atsushi Nakajima is the main protaganist of the manga & anime series Bungo Stray Dogs.

As an orphan Atsushi was thrown out his orphange, becoming starved and homeless, after those running the orphange considered him "worthless". While looking for someone to mug for money, he chances across Osamu Dazai, who is trying to killing himself. Rather than mugging him Atushsi instead stops him from killing himself. Atsushi is subsequently hired by Dazai to work for the Armed Detective Agency, and discovers that he has a power called "Beast Beneath the Moonlight" that allows him to turn into a large tiger with enhanced abilities. 

In order to test Atsushi, the other members of the Armed Detective Agency set up a test, in which they pretended that a lunatic with a bomb had a female employee, Naomi, hostage. Junichirō, who was playing the role of the bomber, pretended to start the 10 second countdown for the bomb. Atsushi was hired by the agency after he selflessly shoves Naomi to safety then leaps onto the bomb to shield the oncoming detonation with his body.

Atsushi later takes the ex-assassin Kyouka Izumi under his wing, making it his duty to protect her.

He was voiced by Yūto Uemura in Japanese and Max Mittelman in English. In the Live Action, he was voiced by Yūki Torigoe.


Atsushi has a light gray, pale skin and average height similar to the age known as 18 years old, he has short purple hair on the top half of his iris and yellow is on the bottom of the curve pupil that loose lock left long the right side of his face, and including his yellow eye.

Before he joins Arm Detective Agency, he wears a white button-up long sleeve when he pushes his elbow, a long loose black tie, black fingerless gloves, a long black belt,  gray bottomless pants, and black shoes.

However, in battle, he transforms into the white tiger known as Beast Beneath the moonlight that he can fight against his arch-enemies Ryūnosuke Akutagawa for raging abilities to control himself, he has a similar to a white tiger but the only gold eye and long claws, he can use a Beast Beneath the Moonlight as partial tiger formation for his form, and he can borrow Ryūnosuke Akutagawa's coat can stronger.


Atsushi initially lacks confidence in himself due to his past, particularly being thrown out of his orphange and being called worthless. However this gave him an iron-clad determination to survive in life, and to not die. Atsushi simply wants to stay alive and is able to find comfort in the simple fact that he is not yet dead. He is fond of saying, "at least I still have my life"  whenever he faces the countless extreme hardships in his life. Atsushi is also kind and pure-hearted, and wants to do his best to help other people, and protect them.

While he was living on the streets, Atsushi didn't like the thought of having to mug others for food or money, despite the fact that he was heavily food & drink dreprived. On the day of his change encounter with Dazai, he could just barely bring himself to come to the desicion to mug the next person he sees. However when he notices that this person threw himself into river, Atsushi instead jumps in and saves him, showing his selfless nature.



  • He is named after and based around the Japanese author Atsushi Nakajima. Nakajima wrote a 1942 story called Sangetsuki, which was about someone who transforms into a tiger.