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Audrey (LSOH).png

Audrey is the deuteragonist of Little Shop of Horrors. She is the love interest of Seymour.


Audrey and Seymour have a unaware affections for each other since they first met.

Unfortunately, Audrey was dating the local dentist and psychopath name Orin Scrivello. Orin regularly beat up Audrey for even the most innocent mistakes.

After he died and was fed to Audrey II, Audrey felt guilty for wishing he was dead. Seymour offered her a shoulder to cry on and told her that she doesn't have to be afraid anymore. Audrey and Seymour then passionately kiss.

Later, after Seymour has become a household name, he proposes to Audrey. She happily accepts. Later that night, while preparing to elope with Seymour, Audrey recieves a mysterious phone call.

She looks out her window and sees that Audrey II was calling her. When she arrives at the plant shop where Audrey II is kept, the plant convinces her to feed it. Little did Audrey know that what Audrey II really meant was to feed it with her own flesh!

At this point the story deviates. In the theatrical version and alternate ending of the film, Audrey and Seymour are both eaten by Audrey II who then goes on to plague the United States with it's spawn. In the film, Seymour rescues Audrey and destroys Audrey II.

The two are then happily married, blissfully unaware that one of Audrey II's offspring has survived.

Alternate Ending

After Audrey is attacked by Audrey II (reprise of "Suppertime"'), Seymour rescues Audrey, who is seriously injured. Confessing to Audrey he fed Mushnik and Orin to Audrey II, Audrey requests Seymour feed her to the plant and earn the success he deserves, before she dies in his arms (reprise of "Somewhere That's Green"). 


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