Audrey McConnell2
Audrey McConnell is a recurring character from TV Series "The Simpsons". She is the third grade teacher at Springfield Elementary School.

Her personality is uncharacteristically optimistic for a teacher at Springfield Elementary. She displays a certain degree of cheerfulness, confidence and competence (at least until she witnesses a failure of the buddy system), as opposed to being downbeat or exasperated like Edna Krabappel and Elizabeth Hoover, both of whom McConnell dislikes. Despite her upbeat demeanor, McConnell is show to be very strict towards those who tattle and moan. In addition to this, she is also the least bit sympathetic towards those who cry. All of these pet peeves are directed notably at Lisa Simpson, who despite being an A student is penalized for these things, due to constantly being paired up with her brother, Bart Simpson. This causes a great deal of animosity and friction between the two while they are in the same class, which McConnell is oblivious towards. She assumed that Bart and Lisa were fighting when they were playing Punch Buggy.

She is later seen teaching the other fourth grade class, presuming that she switched from teaching third grade to fourth.

She is voiced by Tress MacNeille.


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