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Audric is a major protagonist in Dragalia Lost. Initially presented as a major character only in "Fractured Futures", he becomes plot important in chapter 20.


Audric appears as King Aurelius did in his youth. He has blonde hair and green eyes. He wears black and white armor, and has a red and white cape.

In his gala attire, he wears a black and white robe and carries with him an axe. Regardless of what axe he is equipped with, he will always have the one in his portrait.



A mysterious man who stands in the prince's way at every turn and claims to know a great truth. He seems to know the prince quite well, and his eyes glitter with a warm, intense light when he looks upon the boy.


A warrior who watches over the prince with eyes both stern and warm. Burdened with myriad sins, he fights on in secret for his atonement. Now he would see finished the things he left undone as the man whose name he cast aside.



Much like in the main timeline, Morsayati escaped and brought ruin to Audric's world. Audric seeing himself unfit to lead for allowing such a catastrophe, goes by a different name. There he witnesses morsayati create chronos out of the greatwyrms. Knowing he needs to stop the monstrous dragon, he follows Chronos.

Fractured Futures

He soon finds out Chronos is targeting Zethia and is using Euden to get to her. Despite his efforts to stop it, Chronos manages to strike Zethia down. however, Euden soon suggests going to a point before Chronos could enact his plan.

Following through, Euden and Audric strike down Chronos and part ways.

Adventurer Story

With Morsayati still at large and almost all of Audric's army wiped out, Audric finds himself having to find a way back to Euden with Notte and Zodiark assisting him. On the way, he saves civilians who seek him to help. Eventually he finds out Cassandra can sever his chains of causality to allow him to return to Euden.

However, the Civilians find out. Wanting him to stay, they kill both Notte and Cassandra. Infuriated by their selfishness, Audric calls them all out on it which results in them all attacking him. After being forced to slay every single one of them, Audric severs his chains of causality to go back to the main timeline.

That Which Remains

After spending some time away from Euden during a quest, Audric returns to find out that everybody except Cassandra had forgotten about him. Cassandra explains that this is due to him severing his chains of causality which makes it where people forget who he is if he is away from them for a certain peroid.

Even though Cassandra offers to fix this, Audric refuses, believing it to be better this way.

Gala Adventurer Story

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Arriving to Aid Again

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Final Moments

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