Did you forget what I said the other day? Moreover, it's excusable for you to apply pressure your father. It's an affront to the royal family. Maybe I should have a word with the finance bureau's chief.
~ Aug seeing Kurt's disobedience
August von Earlshide or Aug for short is one of the main protagonists (tritagonist) of the series Wise Man's Grandchild. He is the crown prince of the Earlshide's royal family. He is the son and eldest child of the benevolent King Diseum. He is the 2nd ranked S-class student of the Advanced Magic Academy.


Like his father, Aug is a benevolent prince who stood up to his family and citizens. He has good cousin-like relationship with Shin Wolford. He like teasing Shin and his sister in a friendly way. He is not jealous of Shin due to him following his family's royal decree. He is very loyal and obedience to his father, King Diseum.

He has a strong sense of justice and a fiercely loyalty to his family's law as he has no tolerance of any excuses from nobles for illegally using their nobility influence in cruelties and dishonesty as he is willing to inform the authorities to have the disobedience noble children expelled from the academy such as when Kurt harassed Sicily for threatened her of her family's status in his attempt to force her engage for marriage which is affront and forbidden to Aug's family. He will report Kurt's actions and ignorance to Russell (Kurt's father) which is the result of Kurt gotten expelled from the academy for Kurt's disobedience to Aug's family's decree and law.

Aug is also intelligent that humans can transform into demonoids easily similar to Oliver Schtrom and seeing Kurt transformed into a demonoid. He confirmed Kurt merely enrolled at least 2 days before his expulsion.

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