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Gloomy Gus is a fictional character who appeared in the Happy Hooligan comic strip.

Character Description

Gloomy Gus is the brother of Happy and Montmerecy Hooligan, and personifies the misery felt by the poor at the time period during which the strip was running. He is a tall skinny man in a threadbare suit with muttonchop whiskers (these were a popular fashion style at the time). Gloomy Gus often appears alongside Montmerecy and Happy in the strip, and the three of them often have wild misadventures together.


Gloomy Gus is, as his name suggests, a sad man who only wants to be left alone and at peace. He does seem to enjoy being with his brothers, though, as he usually goes along with their plans. He even went with them into the House of Lords in London, England, ending up in the Tower of London afterward. Gus's name is now an expression used to describe any sad person — a “Gloomy Gus.”

Media Appearances

Gloomy Gus first appeared in the Happy Hooligan comic strip and then later in the animated silent cartoons based on said strip.

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