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Augustus Hill was a disabled African-American inmate in Oz, he is also a narrator in the series, he is in all six seasons even dough he was murdered in season 5 but still narrates where some other deceased characters narrate, Augustus is also admirable & has respect for Emerald City Unit Manager Tim McManus and some inmates. Harold Perrineau portrays him.


Mentored by his godfather Burr Redding, Hill started selling and using drugs during his teenage years. In 1995, a SWAT team busted Hill's apartment while he and his wife were having sex. As he tried to make his escape on the roof, Hill was cornered and killed one of the SWAT officers. In retaliation, he was thrown off the roof and left paralyzed from the waist down. At the Oswald Maximum Security Penitentiary ("Oz"), Hill is a mostly neutral figure. As he uses a wheelchair and is not associated with any gang members, Hill remains one of the more consistently decent characters, struggling to avoid moral compromises while staying alive in the prison. Hill serves as the narrator of the series, even after his character is killed in the fifth season.


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