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Aunt Fanny is a supporting character in the 2005 film Robots. She was voiced by Jennifer Coolidge.

Her Story

She is a motherly figure to the Rusties, whom she adopted as her housemates when they were homeless. Her name appears to be derived from her gigantic rump, which resembles a snail's shell and is used as a storage compartment.

She is known as being "a little artsy-fartsy" according to Piper. The artsy being OK, but not so much when she gets fartsy (hinting at how flatulent she is).

Aunt Fanny appears to have a sentimental crush on Bigweld who also seems to have a crush on her, allegedly because both have enormous posteriors. In a contest among the Rusties wherein they made flatulence-like noises (she believed they actually did it, not just making the noises with their arms), she showed her gassiness, as she actually farted, killing a nearby street lamp.

She is seen wearing glass with make up on and having square head. She has regular sized arms but has tiny legs under her large rump. On her large buttocks is strip of white that falls down her crack.


  • In the UK release of Robots, her name is changed to "Aunt Fan", because "Fanny" is slang for female genitals.
  • Jennifer Coolidge's first time voice acting in a theatrical film. Later she's go onto voice Jacilyn and Heidi in Igor, Durmessa in Hell and Back and Mary Meh in The Emoji Movie.