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Aunt May is a  supporting character from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. She was voiced by Lily Tomlin


She is a native from Miles Morales 'universe. She is the aunt of the Peter Parker of that universe, who dies in battle against the Kingpin.

Due to most Spider-Men in the Multiverse being related to or knowing an Aunt May personally, the Spider-Men that arrive at Miles Universe (Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Ham, Peni Parker, and Gwen Stacy) take refuge in Aunt May's house. Later on, so do Miles as well as the Peter Parker from the main universe. May is visibly disappointed at how much Peter B. let himself go, both physically and mentally.

May, as it turns, has a brilliant scientific mind that she had been using to aid her nephew in battle, and she uses it to aid the other Spider-Men. She provides Miles with his costume and with a set of webshooters that she built herself.

May is a former friend of Doctor Octopus, as evidenced by the fact that May calls Doctor Octopus "Liv" (only Octopus' friends call her "Liv"). It's likely that Olivia Octavius' turn to evil is what ended their friendship.

May is kind, friendly, gentle and wise.


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