Mieru Hōchun (方ほう中ちゅん ミエル Hōchun Mieru) is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime. She is a young fortune-teller, and a student at the Unno Divination School. She later becomes infatuated with Yūya Sakaki after predicting her fortune of finding her fated person.


Mieru is a fair-skinned young girl of low height with long curly red hair with a purple ribbon tied on top of her head and bright-green eyes. She wears a mostly purple flowing dress, and what appears to be a white blouse underneath, with a pink ribbon on her collar and a yellow coin-shaped pendant. She wears a pair of white socks and what appear to be brown sandals. Noteworthy, she always brings with herself a crystal apple.


Mieru's time as a fortune teller has led her to believe that future events are pre-determined by destiny. During her fantasies of imagining who her destiny Duelist will be, Mieru has been shown to be attracted to handsome men, up to the point that she gets nosebleeds just thinking about them. However, she was disappointed upon learning that Yūya was the destined person, but she fell for him after she was defeated, much to Yuzu's ire. Her feelings for Yūya are such that she decided to forfeit her Maiami Championship Match after she heard that Yūya was unconcious.


Hōchun is a pun on フォーチュン Fōchun or "Fortune", as the sounds "f" and "h" are very similar in Japanese. ミエル Mieru is pronounced identically to える mieru, "to see". Therefore her Japanese name "Hochun Mieru" can be interpreted as "to see one's fortune", referring to Mieru's character.



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