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Aurica is a very shy girl, who is very depressed and has a strong distrust of people as a result of a horrible event in her childhood, for which she blames herself. She is the daughter of a human and a Reyvateil and hails from a small village on the Wings of Horus. Her abilities as a Reyvateil are poor, thus earning her the lowly title of “D-class”. Her self confidence is very low making her feel as though she is useless, and she is often looking to her stuffed bear called “Don Leon” for support - to such a degree that he became her Mind Guardian. She is emotionally dependent and deathly afraid of being hurt emotionally. In short, she is a tortured soul.


  • She loves the point that she even sleeps like them.
  • Her "weak point" is noted to be around her neck area.
  • She loves music boxes and dream of making a living out of it with the man she loves.
  • Her install point is located at the back of her neck.
  • She has trouble sleeping unless she hugs a blanket between her legs.
  • She is extremely horrible at naming things.
  • In AT2, Jacqli refers to her as "the girl who sucks at naming things", and "who cooks weird things that taste surprisingly good".
  • Aurica was one of the most popular characters in the Toukousphere, which allowed her to receive a monthly corner called Tsukkomi Aurica, in which she constantly cracked jokes at the expense of other characters, or the games themselves.
  • Aurica's surname comes from the words "Nest" and "Mir" (interpreted by the creators as "where Mir nests"), which alludes to the fact that Mir can freely access her Cosmosphere, and the Hymn Code both share.

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