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Okay, stop staring at me, Chris.
~ Avril To Chris Griffin
Shut Up, Meg!
~ Avril To Meg Griffin

Avril Lavigne is a singer based on the real life version and a supporting character from "Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff".

She is a a singer that Peter Griffin and his friends meet in the event "Peter Palooza". She is sometimes arrogant and a good hearted bastard girl whom Peter befriends.

She was also called Avril Lasagna by Mayor Adam West, whom he had with him the giant cutlery.

Avril was mentioned in the special episode "It's A Trap" by Chris Griffin (Luke Skywalker) and in the episode "Amish Guy" we discover that she has the songs of Avril Lavigne on her player.


  • Before she appeared in "Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff", Avril Lavigne was only mentioned in the original TV series, without physical appearances.


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