Axe Cop, born as Axey Smartist, is the titular protagonist of the Axe Cop web comic series, created by brothers Malachai and Ethan Nicole. He is voiced by actor Nick Offerman in the animated series.


A bloodthirsty police officer, Axe Cop enjoys murdering evil-doers twenty-four hours a day. Unlike other heroes, who either work only at day or night, Axe Cop works the "always-shift". Every time he arrives at the Axe Cop Station, the first thing he does is print out a list of villains to kill, and eventually kills every last one of them listed. Axe Cop hates candy canes, as Rainbow Cherry candy canes are one of his few weaknesses. As his name strongly implies, Axe Cop prefers to use an axe over a gun, as he finds them to be boring.



  • Axe Cop Soul Kick - This powerful move gives Axe Cop the capability of summoning his soul to kick his opponent's soul out, making it vulnerable.
  • Pyrokinesis: Once he turns into Axe Cop Fire, he will be allowed to breathe fire out of his mouth.
  • Superhuman Speed - Axe Cop can run faster than the average human can.


  • Enhanced Athlete - Axe Cop has proven to be an incredible athlete, having a rigorous exercise routine, meaning he do an infinite amount of reps of everything.


Axe Cop may one of the most unstoppable heroes ever created, but even he is not without his limits. If he tastes Rainbow Cherry-flavored candy canes, he can die.


  • The sunglasses Axe Cop always wears happen to be "hypno-proof", making him resistant to hypnosis.
  • The three least effective weapons he has ever used were all guns, but they were specifically Flower Guns, Rabbit Guns, and Brain Guns. One time, a villain named Stupid Rhino Head stole all three weapons and tried all of them out, and he eventually died afterwards.
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