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Axios is the Character of the Glory of Hercules.


Good-looking men. Body of immortality. Speech is is often elegant and honorific in proportion. Crete plains in the passing because it is immortal soldiers of Knossos and heroes in the place where you are being chased by being mistaken for a monster, Leucos is from the on who reportedly went to another direction to the soldiers of Knossos You get to the accommodation arrangements of the permit and inns of pilgrimage ship. Join the same journey to find yourself from the circumstances that the body and memory loss of immortality and heroes. Its identity is one of the soul of Oceanus, which is divided into three than Zeus. In order to defeat the Typhon using Kurashisu late in the story, return to the body of which is the other one soul Dekureosu and Oceanus, but to destroy the Typhon of the core using that power, become likely to be absorbing the soul to Typhon. But to reverse operate the Kurashisu order to prevent it, it is the body that is fused to the soul of Dekureosu in its unreasonable influence.

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