Aya, also known as Mistress Aya, is a heroine in the Samurai Warriors series. She is Kagekatsu's mother and Masakage Nagao's first wife.


Aya is a woman with a humble temperament and a very elegant manner. Taking the direction of the direction of Uesugi's home, she looks like a heavy responsibility for road signs. Usually, the officers of Uesugi are strictly guided, but on the other hand, they have a gentle and considerate tolerance.

Aya participated in most of the activities of Uesugi as a support unit and appeared as a representative of her clan. In order to defend the morality of the army, she worked hard to inspire Kanetsugu and these people. Aya was being able to choosing Kanetsugu to enter the Uesugi ranks and select him for his benign. One mission was to rescue her from the central garrison of Tedorigawa to avoid fire attacks and ambushes led by Saizo Kani. She and Masanori were saved by Takamaru.

She is usually to be a stern instructor of Kagekatsu and Kanetsugu, who is responsible for learning the values of Kenshin and the baby foster mother of Kagetora. Before the Uesugi civil war, she should have to changed own mind and joined Kagetora's camp. The brothers instinctively understood that her move was to comfort his impending failure, not to support Kagetora's career.


  • Aya first appeared in the Samurai Warriors series as a generic priestess bodyguard in the second installment. She is a unique NPC in Samurai Warriors 3.
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