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Ayame is one of the supporting characters from the Dead or Alive video game series. She is the mother of Kasumi and Ayane also one the heads of the Mugen Tenji Clan. She is also a daughter-in-law of Burai.

She was voiced by Houko Kuwashima in Japanese and Kari Wahlgren in English.


Ayame has is similar looking to her first daughter Kasumi, Having the same haircut and also wearing a white and pink Kimono with golden ornaments.


When she was young, Ayame met and fell in love with Shiden, who had two children together; Hayate and Kasumi.

17 years before the start of the first tournament, his brother Raidou raped Ayame. This led to Ayane's pregnancy and childbirth. Although Hayate and Kasumi are considered their heirs, Ayane is plagued by the truth of her birth and is isolated because of Ayame's shame. When Ayane was older, Ayame revealed to her that she was her mother. This led to Ayane's embarrassment to Kasumi.

Ayane is upset, Ayame comforted her daughter. However, Ayame told Ayane that the blood in Ayame's veins flowed in Ayane, Kasumi, and Hayate and their family bonds were stronger than any shinobi code. Ayame asked her daughter to save Kasumi rather than be her enemy. After that, Ayane stopped calling Ayame My Lady and began to call her Mother.


Ayame is shown to be kind and compassive, Even when Ayane greeted her by her name she said that she can call her mother. She is also quite emphatetic towards her daughters and strangers alike been pacifist but also some who like meditation. However, the way Ayane was conceived would make many women not want to raise the child herself. Despite this, she surely loves Ayane just as she does her other children.


  • In both Japanese and English, she is voiced by the same voice actress Hōko Kuwashima and Kari Wahlgren respectively, who also voiced her daughter Kasumi.


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