Ayame is a character in Inuyasha, appearing exclusively in the anime(though she is mentioned by name in the manga). She is a female wolf demon and the granddaughter of the elder of the Northern Wolf Demon tribe, as well as Kōga's fiancée and eventual wife.

As a little girl, Ayame once got lost in the forest and got attacked and pursued by Birds of Paradise. She was rescued by Kōga and he promised to marry her when she got older and came back down from the Northern Mountains, though it's highly implied that he could have been joking. That same night, they saw a rainbow, causing Ayame to dub it the Night of the Lunar Rainbow.

When Ayame comes down from the Northern mountains, however, Kōga seems to have completely forgotten the promise, causing Ayame to be heartbroken. Upon discovering that he has fallen in love with Kagome Higurashi, she is enraged even further, haven previously believed he was above falling in love with a mortal. Even so, she is still determined to make him live up to his promise, which he eventually does.

She is voiced by Yumi Kakazu in the Japanese version and Natalie Walters in the English version.


  • Ayame's appearance, clothes, fighting style and somewhat misanthropic attitude bear a striking resemblance to San.
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