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If Kurenai-sama do not mind, I'll do my best to serve you in bed ♪.
~ Ayame expressing her love to Kurenai

Ayame Makishima (槇島 あやめ) is one of the main characters in Taimanin Kurenai, and Kurenai's partner.


Ayame is an intelligent adult woman and always calm, but when it comes to Kurenai, she can also takes metamorphic behavior.


Ayame is a subordinate who belongs to the Fuuma clan, and is a subordinate who swears allegiance to Kurenai. She is good at support activities such as information gathering, and plays an active role as a supporter of Kurenai in the mission. She is also an excellent sniper, skilled in reading the wind using “Wind Arts”. She is addicted to the strength and beauty of Kurenai, and have even a lesbian crush on her.


Ayame appears to assists Kurenai's mission to captures Tendo, but he was able to escape anyway.

Ayame and Kurenai later got a call by their commander, Gero, who doesn't like the fact that Kurenai becomes the head of the clan, which Ayame despite him due to he being rude to Kurenai. She twisted up the neck of Tomori and pressed a dagger against his neck to threatens him but Kurenai stops her. Gero tells them about the new mission as he leaves.

Ayame and Kurenai arrive as the loction of thier mission to tracks down Tendo once again, which Kurenai disguises herself to trick Tendo. Ayame, tricked by Gero, got shock by a taser and got captured, he use Ayame as a hostage and captured Kurenai as well.

Tendo reveals that he captured them to give their body a "modification", and Ayame is Gero's "reward".

Gero and Tendo brainwash Ayame by using "The Curse of Slavery", which controls the emotion of the brain, and send a curse mark to her mind. After she woke up, Gero said the old words to activates the curse, and that words is "Il Ares Vida" which means "Thou is my slave". After that, Ayame is completely brainwashed and becomes Gero's slave.

Alternate Reality

In an alternate reality world of Taimanin Asagi ~Kessen Arena~ (A battle card game by Lilith which crossover with multiple series that developed by Lilith), Ayame also makes an appearances. She try to fight against the Protagonist, but will got captured and brainwashed by him, and becomes his pawn to fight against the enemies.

Powers and Abilities

[Ninpo / Wind Reading]

  • By sensing the flow of the surrounding wind, she able to detect the flow of the wind and read the flow, and shoot her snipers with tremendous accuracy.
  • In addition, advanced space grasping and situation recognition enables her to “look ahead” the situation, which is close to future prediction.


  • She is the second character in Taimanin Series to be LGBTQ+ as she is a lesbian, the first one is Murasaki Yatsu who is bisexual.
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