Nice to meet you. I'm Ayanami, a special class destroyer.

Ayanami (綾波 "Twilled Waves"?) was the eleventh of twenty-four Fubuki-class destroyers, built for the Imperial Japanese Navy following World War I. When introduced into services, these ships were the most powerful destroyers in the world. They served as first-line destroyers through the 1930s, and remained formidable weapons systems well into the Pacific War.


She and Shikinami wear a brown version of the Fubuki-class serafuku. On her second remodel, her uniform becomes black with red stripes on white and she gains a searchlight.

She has long brown hair in a sidetail. Said sidetail becomes as long as she is tall once in her second remodel. This sometimes leads to references to Gon-san.


She is a humble and dutiful girl.


  • Scuttled following the Second Naval Battle of Guadalcanal, November 15, 1942. (9°10′S 159°52′E)
  • Her name means "Crossing waves".
  • While in KanColle she is the lead ship of the Ayanami Class, in other contexts she is referred to to as the 11th ship of the Fubuki class. She was the first of the greater Fubuki class (containing the Fubuki, Ayanami and Akatsuki classes) with a modified gun turret allowing her guns to angle up to 75 degrees. When introduced, her class were among the most powerful destroyers in the world along with Fubuki and Akatsuki-class.
  • Wreck discovered in 1992 by Dr. Robert Ballard.
  • Ayanami is one of the three IJN ships in Iron Bottom Sound, along with Kirishima and Yuudachi.
  • Her second remodel represents her performance during her final mission, a night battle where she formed a single 'prong' of a three-pronged attack alone (other prongs each contained a light cruiser and multiple destroyers), sank (or helped sink) three destroyers, heavily damaged a fourth, and assisted Kirishima in trading fire with a battleship, the USS South Dakota.
  • Received her Kai Ni on 20/06/2014.
  • The Evangelion character Rei Ayanami takes her family name from this ship. In fact, almost all Evangelion characters have names connected to ships (IJN ships in particular); Maya Ibuki (in this case a double reference because Ibuki is also the name of an IJN cruiser), Shigeru Aoba, and Ritsuko Akagi to name a few.
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