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The Aye-Aye Spirit is a protagonist from the series The Legend of Korra.


After Wan had been exiled from his city, he sought an oasis of spirits. But the Aye-Aye Spirit denied him access. When Wan later tried with a trick, the Aye-Aye Spirit recognized him, and sent him away again. Shortly afterwards, Wan met some hunters who wanted to kill an innocent animal and freed the animal. The Aye-Aye Spirit helped Wan, and then took him to his oasis. He was suddenly much nicer to him, for Wan had shown him that there were good humans.

Over the years, the two become close friends, and defended together the oasis in front of the other humans. When Wan eventually left, the Aye-Aye Spirit said he was proud to call him his friend.

A few years later, other humans spread into the wilderness, and the Aye-Aye Spirit fought them with some other spirits. Wan tried to stop the fight, but then Vaatu emerged and made the spirits vicious, so they finally killed the humans.

When Wan became the first avatar, he opened a portal to Spirit World, and all Spirits returned to Spirit World. The Aye-Aye Spirit bowed respectfully to Wan when he went to the Spirit World.

Powers & Abilities

He showed that he was much stronger and more agile than a human being, because he could easily overwhelm Wan.

He also had the ability to teleport over short distances.

He also had the ability to slip into a human body and control it. However, the human turned partially in this case.


  • Although he had a very negative attitude towards humans before, Wan showed him that humans can be good as well, and they became friends. He sometimes called Wan jokingly "Stinky" and called him his pet. Nevertheless, he felt that Wan was an exception, and still did not like the other humans.


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