Me Ayla. Ayla like strong man. So Ayla like Crono. You strong, too. Ayla like strong person. Man, woman... both like!
~ Ayla

Ayla is a main character in the game Chrono Trigger. Ayla is a cave-woman from the year 65,000,000 BC. Ayla opposes the hostile Reptites - anthropomorphic-dinosaur-like creatures, that wish to destroy the human race. She is met by Crono, Marle, Lucca, Robo and Frog in their journey across time.

65,000,000 BC

Ayla is met in the year 65,000,000 BC. She is the guardian of the Ioka Village, residence of he human tribe. As it's guardian she is also the chief of the human tribe. Since humans would eventually become the dominant species, she is effectively the queen of the human race in her own time and progenitor of the royal family of Guardia, which includes Marle. Crono, Marle, Lucca and Robo meet her while journeying back to the prehistoric period to recover The Dreamstone, the only mineral that can repair the sword Masamune. While in he prehistoric period they are beset by dinosaur like creatures, Ayla happens upon the team while hunting the creatures which she says are called Riptites. As Ayla considers herself the guardian of humans (in her time only a small tribe) she takes it upon herself to follow and protect Crono and the others in their quest. Ayla decides to stay with the party once she finds they are fighters and thus enjoyable hunting partners.


Ayla is first and foremost a hunter. She likes to hunt for fun but also sees great purpose in it as a guardian of her tribe. Ayla's introduction about liking strong men and strong woman and seeing no difference between them implies that she is bi-sexual, adding to this is her charm ability and kiss ability which can be applied regardless of gender. Ayla is the least intelligent of the party, but mainly from lack of education due to her era.

Skills and Abilities

Ayla's element is fire, but she has no magic powers. Ayla does however make up for her lack of magic with tremendous feats of strength and hunting skills. Ayla can use a kiss which heals party members and a charm ability that confuses foes, as Ayla is implied to be bi-sexual these two skills are woven into her character. Perhaps Ayla's most notable skill is that she can summon dinosaurs; sometimes in battle sometimes out of battle. The Dinosaurs Ayla summons are tamed creatures she has trained like hunting dogs, not quite pets but not random creatures bent to her will either.


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  • Leah, from the sequel game Chrono Cross, says she will name her daughter "Ayla". As Leah was lost in the Present thanks to a time distortion it is possible, but unconfirmed that Leah is in-fact Ayla's mother.
  • Artist, Akira Toriyama, often reuses designs and appears to have reused his Launch, design from the anime/manga Dragonball, for Ayla.
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