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Azazel is a character from Rage of Bahamut who was carried over into its sister game, Dragalia Lost. In the former series, Azazel is presented as an evil demon and a villain. In Dragalia Lost, Azazel is a fallen angel who helps Euden and is much more heroic than how he was in his original series.

In Dragalia Lost, he is voiced by Masakazu Morita in Japanese and Matt Ellis in English.


Azazel has white hair and black wings. He dons a black outfit, and has has chains around his body.


A dragon whose existence was erased from the Church. He once held the role of conveying Ilia's words to the Auspex, but later fomented rebellion and was sealed away. Since being freed, he has fought to make the truth of the Church known.


Long ago, Azazel was an overseer working for the Ilian church who conveyed the Goddess's words to the Auspex. Azazel remained loyal to the Church without caring about coexistence until he meets the thirteenth Auspex.

When he finds that she wasn't afraid of him like past Auspex were along with her wanting to bond with him, he begins to warm up to her as well. This causes him to realize that mortals need bonds to survive along with how it allows them to feel for others. Azazel begins to believe this Auspex would be able to bring coexistence between mortals and dragons.

However, despite the purity of the Auspex, Azazel finds out that she is sentenced to death for stepping on forbidden ground. Azazel recognized the voice who declared the sentence, Azazel rushed to the archangel to petition for the Auspex's release as the punishment did not fit the crime. Not only did the archangel refused, but they also revealed that the Auspex learned the truth of their god which is a death penalty.

Angered over such a law, Azazel declares that he would only listen to his heart from then on. He abandons his duty, fought the angels, and saved the Auspex from death. In doing so though, Azazel was captured and imprisoned for ages. By the time he is released, he finds out that the Auspex he loved had long since passed away, and he meets a new Auspex who appears to have descended from the one he loved.

Following her home, Azazel declares intent on bringing out the truth of the Church one day. Nobody in the modern Church recall the name of Azazel, but he intend to reveal the mystery of the God that the church worships.

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