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Azmaria Hendric is the Apostle of Charity, and a 12 year-old girl. Azmaria can heal people's injuries by singing hymns. In the manga she is the last of the 7 apostles in being found even thought she is the second oldest of them.

Azmaria was born in Portugal, but she went to the United States after losing her parents in World War I. She traveled across the country with a band of singers, until she was adopted by Ricardo Hendric, a demon tamer who wanted to use her powers to revive his dead wife Melda. Rosette and Chrono rescued her and she was taken to the Order of Magdalene.

She has suffered great grief, and for this reason she is extraordinarily sensitive to others' words. She always tries her hardest to help out and change herself.

She once stated that she wanted to be "just like Rosette," to which Chrono replied, "Are you sure about that?"


  • Ayako Kawasumi - Chrono Crusade Drama CDs
  • Saeko Chiba - Chrono Crusade TV series
  • Jessica Boone - Chrono Crusade English Dub


Azmaria likes singing and dislikes ghosts.


Azmaria has quite a few major roles in the Chrono Crusade story, one of the most obvious would be that Aion needs her because of her status as an apostle. Although some of her other roles are, healing through song, and setting up the barriers. Azmaria's significance is largely downplayed in the series, although she plays a large role in the story. After Rosette and Chrono's death in episode 24 Azmaria wore the counter that Rosette had, in memory of her and Chrono.

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