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Oh, c'mon, Z. Help us build a bigger, better colony. And for crying out loud, try to be happy about it!
~ Azteca.
Azteca is the tetartagonist in Antz. She was a kind female worker ant who was a good friend of Z. She was also the love interest of Weaver.

She was voiced by Jennifer Lopez who later voiced Shira.

Her story

After Weaver took his place as a worker she was quickly impressed by Weaver's muscles and the two quickly fell in love.

However, their love was taboo as no worker could associate with a soldier. After General Mandible threatened to kill Azteca, Weaver revealed the location of Z.

Azteca helped hold up the tower of ants along with Z, Weaver and several others.

After Z realized that there were not enough ants, he and Azteca climbed to the top while Weaver nearly held up the whole tower on his own.

Azteca helped Z reach the ceiling and Z dug his way out. After that, Azteca was arm-in-arm with Weaver as they cheered Z.

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