Azulongmon is one of the Harmonious Ones (Four Sovereigns), the four guardians of the DigiWorld, who were sealed away by the Dark Masters when they reformatted the DigiWorld into Spiral Mountain. The Destiny Stones bound their powers, making them unable to escape, but they thought to use the power of the Crests of the DigiDestined to free themselves. However, when the Digimon Emperor came to the DigiWorld, his Control Spires kept the guardians imprisoned. The guardians elected to recruit three new DigiDestined, and so created three new Digivices, and then found three Digimon with the ancient power of Armour Digivolving. Creating the Digi-Eggs, they sent the Digivices to Earth, where Davis, Yolei and Cody would receive them. These new DigiDestined, plus T.K. and Kari had many battles with the Digimon Emperor, until he was returned to his original self. The Control Spires were de-powered, but were later used by Arukenimon to create unliving Digimon. One of these Control Spire Digimon was BlackWarGreymon, who refused to obey Arukenimon's orders, and was led by Azulongmon into destroying the Destiny Stones, finally freeing him. Azulongmon thanked the DigiDestined, and explained his and the other guardians part in their recruitment. He warned them that a greater enemy existed. Shortly thereafter, Gennai presented the kids with one of Azulongmon's Digi-Cores - a sphere of energy, one of twelve that Azulongmon has, containing the life energy of Digimon defeated by Azulongmon in the past. The Digi-Core enabled Paildramon to Mega Digivolve to Imperialdramon, and restored the original eight Digimon's ability to Digivolve to Ultimate. The eight Digimon later sacrificed the power again to allow Imperialdramon to Mode Change to his Fighter Mode. Azulongmon appears in the Digimon 02 episodes"Kyoto Dragon" and makes another appearance in the episode"Dramon Power."


  • His Name: “Azu” is from “azul,” the Spanish word for "blue." “Long” is from the Chinese character for “Dragon.”
  • His Japanese name, "Qinglongmon" has the same meaning, as it comes from the Chinese characters for "blue dragon," which are pronounced "Seiryuu" in Japanese. Seiryuu is the dragon god of the Japanese city of Kyoto.
  • He is voiced by David Lodge in the English dub of Digimon.
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