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Azumi Seiko

Azumi Seiko is the main heroine from Azumi And The Vertical Slice video game & Disney XD TV series, Randall Mikles & Azumi Seiko's Epic Adventures. She's an anthropomorphic raccoon with one arm, a wife of Randall Mikles, and skilled kunoichi (female ninja).


Azumi has arm, fluffy brown tail with black stripes, brown fur, black furred hand, white eyes with white eyelashes, and white-furred feet. Likewise, she wears a purple shinobi shozoku, a red scarf, and black belt. She carries her bloodthirsty one-eyed livin' katana on her back of her waist, black facial mask, brown-furred ears with black fur and white fur.


Azumi dedicates her life on her job as a ninja to protect the innocent and her homeland. She is quite noble and charismatic as she cares a great deal about her allies and others.

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