Azura (Barbie)

Azura is a supporting character in Barbie Fairytopia series. She is one of the seven Guardian Fairies of Fairytopia, guarding the Fairy Town region.

She is voiced by Venus Terzo in the Barbie Fairytopia movies who also voiced Lila from Barbie of Swan Lake, and played by Emily Tello in Barbie Live in Fairytopia.


When Laverna poisons Fairytopia, Elina goes on a journey to find Azura, hoping she can solve the problem. However, Azura was captured by fungus and left Elina to find Dahlia. She convinced Elina when Laverna brainwashed her with wings and manage to wake her up by saying "for the friends you haven't met."

Azura visits Elina and Bibble to tell them what The Enchantress instructed her to do; The Enchantress told the seven guardians to appoint an apprentice each, and Azura wants Elina to be her apprentice. Elina thrilled by the honour, and sets off for the Enchantress' home, Crystal Palace, where she has go to accept the apprenticeship. It was here that Azura and the other guardians are then poisoned by Laverna's fungus, Max using toad venom.

Azura is played by Emily Tello and she sings "The Rainbow in Your Eyes" to Elina.


Azura is a brave, calm, smart and serious fairy. She believes in people. She was the only guardian who believed that Dahlia, Laverna's former assistant, became good and left Laverna forever. She also believed that Elina is a special fairy and can save Fairytopia. She is loyal to Enchantress and her world.


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