B'Elanna Torres, 2378

B'Elanna Torres is one of the main characters in Star Trek: Voyager

She was played by Roxann Dawson.


B'Elanna Torres is half-human, half-Klingon. She is Chief Engineer, responsible for the maintenance of the USS Voyager spacecraft. She was originally a member of the dissident group, the Maquis, where she developed a tenacious hatred of Cardassians. After being transported to the Delta Quadrant, her Maquis ship is destroyed and she integrates, constrained and forced, the Voyager crew.

During the trip, she has a relationship with Tom Paris, the pilot of the ship, then the wife and gives birth to her daughter Miral (who bears the name of his mother) the day they return to the Alpha Quadrant. B'Elanna is occasionally worth some problems adapting to the rules that prevail on Voyager. Her new captain, Kathryn Janeway, and her former Maquis captain, Chakotay, help her repeatedly as she goes through difficult times.

B'Elanna is basically a character struggling with himself because of his dual Klingon and human heritage. She hates her own violence and admires the calm and absolute control of Vulcan Tuvok.


  • One of the most resourceful in all of Trek, though she can be the Action Hero too if called upon.
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