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B.B. Jammies is one of the six main characters in The Save-Ums, voiced by Connor Price.


B.B. Jammies is the smallest and youngest of the Save-Ums, 1½ years old. He's also Jazzi's younger brother.

Although he is very bright and curious, he is often too young to really engage in problem solving. But B.B. Jammies does his best to keep up with the others.

Loving and caring, B.B. Jammies can usually understand at once how someone is feeling. If B.B. Jammies sees a sad little Glow Grub, he cries. If B.B. Jammies sees a sea horse giggle, B.B. Jammies explodes with delight and laughs and rolls and kicks his floppy feet.

B.B. Jammies is a baby. He wobbles when he walks and speaks in gurgles and partial words. (B.B. Jammies is named after his signature outfit; full body fleece pyjamas... which he chooses to wear backwards, trapdoor front).


B.B. Jammies is ugly, but he is also eager, kind and sensitive.


  • B.B. Jammies is the only character who didn't go on the missions since he's too young.
  • B.B. Jammies's voice actor is Connor Price in the series, but in the reboot, he is voiced by Abigail Gordon (who voiced Mouse), making him sound the way he sounded in Season 1.
  • In the French dub, his name is changed to Bébé Jimmy.
  • In the Italian dub, his name is changed to Bubujanniz.
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