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B.D. Joe is a character from the Crazy Taxi series published by Sega. He is a friendly and cheerful taxidriver who drives a customized yellow cab with the plate number '2HOP260' – 'To Hop To Go'.


B.D. Joe appeared in all versions of the original Crazy Taxi as well as the GBA sequel, Crazy Taxi: Catch a Ride. B.D. Joe has the fastest speed of the four original drivers but the worst handling. He also appeared in Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing with his car, the Crazy Taxi, and the appropriately-named "Crazy Boost" All-Star Move.


Generally cordial, optimistic and reliable, B.D. Joe is at his happiest when he can bring a smile to the face of the customers in his 'Crazy Taxi'. B.D. Joe is both a master of driving and talking. He can also drum with just about anything and he is not too sloppy at card tricks either – all to help fill peoples' days with something special.


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