B.J. Browning

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B.J. Browning is the main protagonist of Joe Camp's 1980 comedy film by 20th Century Fox Oh! Heavenly Dog. He is a recycled version of Benji.

He was portrayed by Chevy Chase, who also voiced Benji.


He is a private investigator who is called to a job and is killed after finding a dead woman. The afterlife has not decided if he is destined for Heaven or Hell, so he is given the chance to return to Earth as a dog in order to solve the case and earn his way to Heaven. Jackie doesn't understand him and prevents him from ruining his plan, so he has to do things by himself. He eventually uncovers Bart's evidence and realizes that he wanted to be prime minister. Bart tries to stop him, but he manages to escape him. He shows the evidence to Jackie and she's convinced that Alistair was responsible for the murder until Bart confesses his crimes to her. He tries to kill Browning, but Jackie sacrifices herself and is shot instead. Benji is distraght and attempts to commit suicide, but Jackie has been reincarnated as a cat and they happily reunite.

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