Hi, I'm B.O.Y.D.! A definitely real boy!
~ B.O.Y.D.'s catchprase

B.O.Y.D. (Be Only Yourself, Dude), formerly 2-BO and Beaks Optimistic Youth Droid, is the former secondary antagonist turned supporting protagonist of the 2017 DuckTales series


Season 2

B.O.Y.D. first appeared in "Happy Birthday Doofus Drake!" when Mark Beaks repurposed B.O.Y.D. in anticipation of a birthday party for Doofus Drake to which he had been invited, the stipulation that guests had to bring children with them. B.O.Y.D. seems to have come online the day before said party, with Beaks taking him on a series of outings that day and taking photos in preparation for proving the robot to be his son. Following the reveal that he was a robot, B.O.Y.D had something of a malfunction, falling into the pool and for a while remaining there. During Louie's eventual return to the party to rescue Goldie from her captor, the robot boy is reprogrammed by Louie using Mark Beaks' remote control to become Doofus Drake's new adoptive brother. He is immediately taken in lovingly by Doofus' parents, and upon the latter's threat to disown his parents from the money he provided because of what they were doing that he disagreed on, B.O.Y.D took control of half the funds and claimed himself the second grandson to Doofus' grandmother. He is now the adoptive brother of Doofus Drake and younger son to his parents.

In "Moonvasion!", B.O.Y.D. makes a small cameo as he is seen captured by the Moonlanders and tied up in one of the household kitchens along side Doofus and their parents. Nevertheless, they are implied to have later been released.

Season 3

In "Astro B.O.Y.D.!", B.O.Y.D. meets Huey at a Junior Woodchuck camping trip, where the two start to bond, but B.O.Y.D. starts to malfunction when Huey's words accidentally reawaken lost memories. Huey takes B.O.Y.D. to Gyro Gearloose's lab, where it is revealed that Gyro helped to build B.O.Y.D. (initially named "2BO") as an intern to Dr. Akita. Gyro, B.O.Y.D., Huey, and Fenton Crackshell-Cabrera depart for Tokyolk to fix him. In Tokyolk, Gyro attempts to fix B.O.Y.D., but is distracted when Lil Bulb short-circuits. Fenton and Huey take B.O.Y.D. into the city to prove he can be a hero. When the kids get separated from Fenton, they decide to explore the city and see the sights. However, when they convene with Fenton, Gyro, and Inspector Tezuka, it is revealed that during B.O.Y.D.'s test run, he lost control and destroyed the city. Huey fights with Gyro over the latter's desire to destroy B.O.Y.D., but he is summoned to Akita, who activates a "revenge protocol." As B.O.Y.D. fights Gizmoduck under this protocol, it is discovered that Akita deliberately engineered B.O.Y.D.'s initial rampage. After Gyro and Lil Bulb fight off Akita, Gyro subdues B.O.Y.D. by admitting he's a "definitely real boy." After B.O.Y.D. returns to normal (now with blue eyes), Huey suggests he choose his own name. He chooses to stick with B.O.Y.D., but revises the acronym into "Be Only Yourself Dude."



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