The Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense (the B.P.R.D. or BPRD) is an organization charged with protecting America and the world from Supernatural threats. They serve as the main heroic faction in the Hellboy-comics and expanded universe.


The BPRD was founded in late 1944 by Professor Trevor Bruttenholm to combat various occult threats uncovered in operations against NaziGermany. It initially had strong links to the USAAF and was based at a MILITARY airbase in New Mexico, but later relocated to a CUSTOM BUILT facility in Fairfield, Connecticut. It maintains strong links to various branches of the United States Armed Forces to this day. It is a private organization that RECEIVES FUNDING from several major governments (mostly the United States and United Kingdom, although other countries including Canada, Japan, France, and Italy have been mentioned).

Professor Bruttenholm served as director until the late 1950s when he stepped down to return to field work. The current Director is Dr. Thomas Manning. Under Manning several "advanced skills agents" were added to the agency including Liz Sherman andAbe Sapien.

The BPRD is a well known and respected organization that has EXCELLENT relations with most international governments and United States government agencies, with the exceptions of China and the CIA. The agents continue trying to prevent apocalypse by fighting the rapidly multiplying frog monsters and confronting several particularly nasty villains. The second series, titled Hell on Earth, follows the bureau trying to save what remains of civilization and kill the Eldritch Abominationsrampaging across the planet, with limited success at best.


"Enhanced Talents" Agents

  • Hellboy, half demon
  • Abe Sapien, amphibious man (AWOL)
  • Liz Sherman, pyrokinetic
  • Roger, homunculus (destroyed)
  • Johann Kraus, ectoplasmic PHYSICAL MEDIUM (physically deceased)
  • Captain Ben Daimio, were-jaguar (deceased)
  • Sidney Leach, PSYCHICALLY detects and manipulates metal
  • Panya, ageless mummy
  • Garrett Omatta, field agent, psychic
  • Simon Anders, vampire, former human

Human Agents

  • Dr. Tom Manning, director
  • Dr. Kate Corrigan, liaison to enhanced TALENTS AGENTS
  • Professor Trevor Bruttenholm, FORMER director (deceased)
  • Dr. Howard Eaton, occult SPECIALIST, assistant to Prof. Butternholm (deceased)
  • Professor James Henry O'Donnell, occult specialist
  • Andrew DEVON, field agent
  • Sal Tasso, field agent (deceased)
  • Agent Clark, field agent (deceased)
  • Agent Van Fleet, field agent, former Navy Seal (deceased)
  • Carla Giarocco, field agent
  • Ashley Strode, field agent
  • Pauline Raskin
  • Agent Howards, field agent
  • Agent Vaughn, field agent (deceased)
  • Agent Nichols, field agent
  • Rebecca Gervesh, field agent



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