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I'll fix that piece of trash from there. I'm a good person. (hurts his back) A good person but a bad back.
~ B. Virtanen in a 2018 strip.

B. Virtanen is the titular main protagonist in the Finnish comic strip of the same name drawn and written by Ilkka Heilä and its stage adaptation.


Virtanen's life can easily be described as depressing. His wife, Armi, is extremely overbearing and her cooking skills are limited to foods that can be heated in the microwave oven which are hated by the rest of the family. Their 13-year-old son, Marko, on the other hand is a petty criminal and a truant who often goes to the mall to hang out with his friends and often tries to make more money for the family by secretly selling his parents' stuff (such as the family's car) and online-vacuumed videos.

Virtanen works for Oy Firma Ab the branch of business of which is still unclear. Here he's frequently taken advantage of by his employers which include director Hynälä, Reino Murikka, and Lennart Nilkén the latter two of which do everything else than work during the work hours. The company also employs a doctor who isn't that much of an assistance in Virtanen's health issues.


B. Virtanen is a tall, slim, Caucasian man with strings of hair on his head and a Simpsons-esque mouth. He wears a grey office suit and a black bow tie.


B. Virtanen is constantly depressed, doesn't smile a lot and often says he's tired and doesn't have enough strength to do work. His character is acquiescent but on the other hand constantly tireless despite his challenges so he could be considered a weekdays and work's hero of sorts. The reason for him using the first letter in his first name (B) is that he finds his name so embarassing.

Heroic acts

  • As previously mentioned, he could be considered a weekdays and work's hero of sorts due to him managing to stay tireless despite the challenges he faces.
  • Frequent displays of animal kindness around his pet cat Pasi.
  • Regularly confronts his son about his misbehaviour.


  • Oy Firma Ab's doctor actually said Virtanen's first name once alongside mockery laugh. Despite this his first name was still left a mystery due to it being censored.
  • He is similar to Dilbert as both of them are titular protagonists of comics strips satirizing office life who have less-than-stellar superiors.
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