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BMO (abbreviated from "Be MOre," phonetically spelled "Beemo", also referred to as Moe Mastro "Llabtoof" Giovanni Jr. and called the "New King of Ooo" in the future) is one of the main characters of Adventure Time and also the titular main protagonist of the Distant Lands episode of the same name. BMO is Finn and Jake's living video game console system, portable electrical outlet, computer, music player, VCR, video player, video editor, roommate, camera, alarm clock, toaster, flashlight, strobe light, skateboarder, soccer player, tape player, chef, detective, and friend. They make their appearance in the title scene of the Theme Song of every episode of Adventure Time, just as Finn and Jake pound their fists together. BMO is characterized as a loyal, trusting and helpful robot who is protective of Finn and Jake.

They are voiced by Niki Yang. In the Japanese dub from the series, BMO was voiced by Kanako Ikeda.


When Patrick McHale was preparing a short animation for Cartoon Network, They had a robot character named "Raye" (or "R.A.Y.E.") for that purpose, which Pendleton Ward and McHale both loved. However, after Adventure Time got picked up, Raye was redesigned and became BMO.

BMO's voice was originally to be similar to a computer-synthesized voice, but as a result of a suggestion from Ward, Niki Yang's natural voice (also voiced Lady Rainicorn) with some adjustments became the voice of BMO. As a result, BMO speaks with a Korean accent. Earlier voice actors for the character included Dee Bradley Baker (voice of Cinnamon Bun) and Thurop Van Orman (voice of the Tree Witch).


BMO looks like a Macintosh computer with Game Boy Color buttons and Atari 2600 controllers. They also share some traits with a Vectrex.

BMO is a medium-sized teal/blue-green handheld gaming device, sometimes appearing with one or two controllers attached to it. When not being played, they have an 8-bit face.

BMO is about 12.25 inches wide and 20.1 inches tall.

BMO's front includes an arrow pad, a floppy disk slot, multiple different shape buttons, two controller sockets, and of course the face, or screen. There is also a compartment with a red button hidden underneath the yellow D-pad. BMO's operating system known as BMOS (abbreviated from "Be More Operating System") is somewhat similar to that of a Windows/Macintosh hybrid computer, as seen in "Be More", with a graphical interface and drag-and-drop file manager.

On BMO's sides, the letters "BMO" are printed, indicating their name. Their arms emerge from the center of the "O"s. There are also what appear to be holes for speakers at the tops of BMO's sides. While given their position, they likely function as microphones as well.

BMO's back contains a battery compartment which holds 2 AA batteries, first seen in "BMO Lost". Normally, the battery door is shown attached with 4 screws. However, in "BMO Lost" it is shown with a tab at the top instead. There is also a slot which can be used for playing videotapes as seen in "Holly Jolly Secrets Part I".

BMO's default controllers highly resemble Atari 2600 game console ones, as they feature a single joystick and red button. They in "Too Young" slightly resemble Sega Genesis controllers for their button layout and handling design. An interesting note about this is that, in reality, both the Atari 2600 and the Sega Genesis have shared an identical input device. This means that both controllers can be hooked up to the same device without issue.

BMO is sometimes seen with two slots to plug in controllers and sometimes with a compartment on that spot that opens up to where controllers can be plugged in.

Inside BMO, there is a gold heart with a face, as shown in "Be More". Pinned to the heart is a golden medal. Next to the heart is a small scroll tied with a red ribbon. This is likely a reference to the gifts given to the Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Cowardly Lion in the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz, symbolizing a brain, a heart, and courage.


According to Finn, "BMO does weird junk when no one is around." This is proved in "Five Short Graybles", where BMO talks to their reflection in the mirror, naming it Football, and pretended to be a "little living boy." In "BMO Noire", BMO acts out a film noir fantasy complete with giving names, voices, and dialogue to a number of animals and an inanimate object in the house. The way BMO interacts with their own reflection in "Five Short Graybles", as well as the animals in "BMO Noire", may be evidence that BMO suffers from dissociative identity disorder, otherwise known as multiple personality disorder. This potentially causes BMO to act like completely different people, and have their "multiple personalities" communicate with each other. Most believe this is just BMO's hyperactive imagination, though; ALLMO says positively of BMO, "…Your imagination lets you see the world how it could be."

BMO claims to not have emotions, but this is seemingly inaccurate. In "Donny", BMO says, "I am incapable of emotion, but you are making me chafed!" BMO shows signs of annoyance in "Too Young" when Jake uses BMO as an ottoman. BMO demonstrates independence when they refused to turn down the music even after Jake tells them to. Although they are both robots, BMO refuses Neptr's request to hang out more in "BMO Noire" by saying, "No, Neptr, I am not like you." In "Davey", BMO cries while Finn shaves his head to disguise himself as Davey. BMO also cries when Jake initially refuses to invite Morty Rogers, an idol of BMO's, to dinner.

BMO is very protective of Finn and Jake. In "Incendium", BMO says, "If anyone tries to hurt Finn, I will kill them." In "Guardians of Sunshine", BMO refuses to let Finn and Jake enter the video game world saying, "No! It's a far too dangerous, incredible adventure for you! That's final!"

BMO often acts to maintain the harmony of friendship between Finn and Jake. In "Video Makers", BMO edits the film Finn and Jake make in a way to resolve their dispute over the film's artistic direction, even composing a song for them. In "Card Wars", BMO refuses to play such games with Jake because Jake cannot deal with losing. When Finn asks for advice on Jake's attitude, BMO recommends that Finn play to lose.

BMO likes a number of games and even a few sports. BMO has been seen playing video games in "BMO Noire". BMO has also been seen skateboarding in "Card Wars" and "Time Sandwich". BMO also once had to be picked up from soccer in the episode "In Your Footsteps".

BMO likes scrambled eggs, as shown in "Her Parents", and hot chocolate, as shown in "Video Makers" and "Holly Jolly Secrets Part II". In "Five More Short Graybles", BMO is shown to "drink" tea while teaching Football manners. There, BMO attempts to drink the tea with their pinkie finger up, but Football does not. BMO drinks, again and again, resulting in self-electrocution. BMO has never been seen actually consuming food. Despite this, BMO can cook, and makes dinner for Finn and Jake in "Little Dude". In "The Creeps" BMO reveals enjoyment in taking nice pictures. BMO also likes to dance.

BMO is shown to be ticklish. This is seen when giggling after Princess Bubblegum plays BMO's circuits like a keyboard in "What Was Missing". BMO also reacts to being tickled by a feather while sleeping in "Guardians of Sunshine" and when it laughs and wriggles as its foot is being nibbled by a bear in "In Your Footsteps".

BMO's most prized possession is their controller, as it is one of the objects the Door Lord steals in "What Was Missing". In "Furniture & Meat", BMO is shown to like pretend-sword fighting with Neptr at the start of the episode.


Due to being a robot, BMO does not have a gender. However, the pronouns BMO uses fluctuate between male and female; BMO's pronouns vary depending on who is speaking or what make-believe scenario BMO is playing out. Characters refer to BMO using both masculine and feminine terms. For instance, in "Conquest of Cuteness" Finn calls BMO "M'lady." In "Rainy Day Daydream", he refers to BMO using "he." In "Guardians of Sunshine", Sleepy Sam uses "he" when talking about BMO. Jake has also called BMO a "he" in "Return to the Nightosphere" as well as "The Creeps". In "Five Short Graybles", Cuber refers to BMO using the masculine pronoun "he": "BMO saw his reflection." In "Daddy-Daughter Card Wars", Charlie refers to BMO using "she."

BMO's purpose was to entertain MO's son. Although MO 'never ended up dating any women'. Thus he let BMO out in the world to meet another little boy.

BMO will sometimes play pretend games in which they assume a specific gender, such as calling himself a "little living boy" in "Davey".

In the "Little Did You Know" DVD set, BMO's profile states that "he" is a good listener, though BMO's entry in the Little Did You Know on the "It Came From the Nightosphere" DVD refer to BMO as "she."

In "Five Short Graybles", BMO's mirrored persona, Football, is introduced. In "Five More Short Graybles", Football claims they are "a real baby girl."

Throughout the episode "BMO Noire", BMO role-plays as a hard-boiled, masculine detective; though it is noteworthy that the title of the episode treats "BMO" as a feminine noun by using "noire" instead of "noir."

In "Fionna and Cake", BMO is briefly seen in the treehouse with no noticeable differences in design (aside from their controller), as opposed to the other characters, who have all been gender-swapped. This is because BMO flips their gender as is, and are gender-neutral.

In "James Baxter the Horse" BMO sings "BMO's Pregnant Song." about how they were asked by an electric presence to hold a human incarnation of a baby. BMO does not understand the reproduction of humans because Finn is one of the few humans left after the mushroom war.

In "Football", BMO is referred to by Jake as a boy when he says "put that traffic cone back on your head young man." BMO's opposite counterpart "Football" is referred to as female in this episode while BMO is referred to as male.

In the Adventure Time Munchkin card game set, there is a character card for BMO. While the other character cards have one side depicting the original version of the character and another showing their genderbent counterpart, BMO's card simply shows a different picture. Below BMO's stats, the card says "BMO ignores all gender-related stuff 'cause I DON'T KNOW!?"


One of the many functions BMO has is the ability to send users into a video game through their main-brain-game-frame by pressing a button located under their d-pad. By doing this, users are able to play the game in a virtual reality where they can physically complete objectives, with the possible risk of actual death. This process can also be reversed, and things within the game can be transported into the real world. BMO also possesses several attachments which allows them to perform various tasks aside from video games. This includes the ability to put up a holographic display of their screen to support a wider audience. BMO also possesses editing software for film creation, but they have a personal choice regarding the footage that is actually used to make up their films.

In "Conquest of Cuteness", BMO reveals a built-in camera with the flash emerging from the top left of their head while their screen works as the lens. In "The Creeps", BMO uses a built-in flash device that helps them take pictures, as well as print pictures and documents out their rear. BMO can function as an alarm clock, which is set to Finn's bath time, and is seen in "Holly Jolly Secrets Part I". In this episode, BMO demonstrates that they can insert VHS tapes into their back, and display the video on their screen. In "Incendium", BMO uses their BMO Cam, which records live video feed. In "Daddy's Little Monster" and "What Was Missing", BMO is shown to be able to charge or power electronic devices such as Jake's video phone and a noodle cooker. However, this function appears to exhaust BMO, likely because they use their own energy to charge and power the devices.

In the episode "Hug Wolf", BMO is shown to have a blinding "Strobe Light Mode". BMO is also capable of performing the devastating Combo Move from the game "Guardians of Sunshine" in real life. The episode, "In Your Footsteps", reveals that BMO plays soccer, and shows BMO wearing a red jersey, red cleats, and while covered in dirt and mud. In "Card Wars" and "Time Sandwich", BMO demonstrates their skill in skateboarding and performs various tricks and jumps. BMO is also able to perform a sneak attack known as the BMO Chop, which they state to a victim of the strike, "If this were a real attack, you would be dead." In "Burning Low," it is seen that BMO can connect with other computers or devices for live video chat.

BMO is shown to know how to use a bow and arrows in "Furniture and Meat" when they shoot the pipe of hot melted gold away from Finn and Jake, killing a guard and saving Finn and Jake.


Finn and Jake


It seems that Marceline and BMO have a fairly friendly relationship, as she is seen playing them in "Evicted!" and commenting on how she thinks they're cute. Also in "What Was Missing", Marceline assists BMO and proceeds to call them "baby." in "Ketchup", Marceline and BMO hang out and tell each other stories.


Air (Bubble)





Football is the shadow version of BMO when talking to themselves in the mirror. During this scene, BMO is a "little living boy" while Football is a robot. As seen in "Five Short Graybles", BMO purposefully only plays with Football when Finn and Jake are not around. In "Five More Short Graybles", Football claims to be a "real baby girl," and BMO tries to teach Football manners. In "Football", Football transfers to the real world by the agreement by BMO. Football likes the real world and doesn't want to go back to Football's world. This makes BMO upset. Even though BMO has been mean with Football and Football betrayed BMO, BMO still loves Football.


BMO and AMO were not on the best terms in the short time they knew each other, even to the point of violence. BMO is not friends with AMO, and held AMO's final bullet in place, pushing him off the cliff. BMO then took a moment of silence and needed to process the encounter.

In "Orb" when Finn, Jake and BMO are put into the nightmare from Nightmare Princess, BMO's nightmare involved AMO, implying that the events involving AMO's supposed demise were traumatic.


BMO makes a cameo in the episode "Evicted!" being played by Marceline while Finn and Jake are house-hunting. In "Business Time", Finn and Jake play Adventure Master and Pro Football 1861 on them. They are later seen in the episode "My Two Favorite People". In "The Witch's Garden", Finn plays a game as he asks Jake how he got his magical powers. BMO also appears in "What is Life?" when Jake throws a garbage bag of butter on Finn, and in the episode "Donny", one of their controllers is smashed in half. BMO claims to not have emotions, but Donny angers them by breaking a controller and throwing it at BMO. In "Rainy Day Daydream", they show a bored Finn and Jake a new game, "Conversation Parade."

BMO appears again in "Slow Love" where they act like a rebellious kid, refusing to turn down their music when Jake tells them. BMO is then hit with a newspaper and told to have a timeout in a corner. BMO was then pummeled and battered when Snorlock started dancing with lady snails while the treehouse was on its back, but was apparently unharmed and returned to play music at the end of the episode when Snorlock was kissing his new girlfriend.

In "Power Animal", BMO unintentionally distracts Jake with songs. They later eat lunch together and Jake tells BMO to hold his sandwich. BMO later fixes the well overhang that leads to the gnome's underground hideout that Jake had demolished while entering.

In "Guardians of Sunshine", it is revealed BMO has a button hidden under their control pad that allows people to be transported into one of their games. However, they do not allow Finn and Jake inside them, claiming it's too dangerous of an adventure. Despite this warning, Finn and Jake trick BMO by tickling them with a feather until they press their button while they are sleeping. BMO later appears when Finn and Jake exit the game. While trying to tear a bomba out of the game's interface, they make a hole in it. BMO is then attacked by Sleepy Sam, Hunny Bunny, and Bouncy Bee for imprisoning them in the game. After Finn performs a combo move and destroys the monsters, BMO scolds them for going into the game and starts doing the combo move on them.

In "Video Makers", BMO serves as Finn and Jake's cameraperson, filming random pieces of footage around the Land of Ooo with a video camera attached to their head at Finn and Jake's request, before they decide to make a real movie and argue about what kind of movie it will be. BMO, as their camera operator, witnesses their arguments, and instead of using the footage they captured for the movie, they make their own animation while singing a song about how Finn and Jake should forget their argument and make up. At the end of the episode, BMO says Jake's favorite line throughout the episode, "Check, please!"

In the episode "Conquest of Cuteness", Finn and Jake call BMO over to get a camera to take pictures of the Cuties, but it turns out BMO is a camera, even though in the episode "Video Makers," BMO has a video camera strapped to their head. It is possible, however, that BMO's built-in camera only takes pictures.

In the episode "Too Young", BMO asks about Finn's date with Princess Bubblegum and does not tell Jake where the key is to the Wizard Tower in the video game. When Jake is trying to cheer Finn up when Princess Bubblegum jokingly "dumped" him, Jake puts both of his feet on BMO, using them as an ottoman, which annoys BMO.

BMO makes an appearance in "Fionna and Cake" in the opening and is later seen being played by Cake. Their appearance remains the same, supporting that they have no gender.

In the episode "What Was Missing", BMO has their controller stolen by the Door Lord and serves as a musical instrument during "I'm Just Your Problem". Marceline also used them to power a stove, showing that they are also a portable electrical outlet.

In the episode "The Creeps", they were in the mystery party when Finn and Jake came in the house. Their mystery name was Professor Pants. After the light went down and returned, BMO and Jake went to the basement to get some candles, but BMO was "killed" by the "ghost." At the end of the episode, they are discovered by Finn in Lady Rainicorn's body, being in the prank with Jake and the others.

BMO appears in "Incendium" watching over Finn while Jake was looking for another love interest for Finn.

BMO reappears in "Five Short Graybles" under the "Sight" segment of the episode (see article subsection "Football" below for more info).

BMO makes another appearance in "Beyond this Earthly Realm" when they amuse Finn with fart noises. They also play Finn's favorite nursery song, "Three Baby Spiders". BMO plays the song in a futile attempt to bring Finn back from the Spirit World.

In "Card Wars", BMO warns Finn about Jake taking the game too seriously.

BMO makes an appearance in "Burning Low". First, they tell Jake that he is late for a video chat with President Porpoise, and later on Jake plays an unknown game involving a rectangle punching, kicking, and jumping.

In "BMO Noire", BMO goes undercover as a detective to search for Finn's missing sock. The episode is narrated by BMO and is in black and white, similar to a 1940s- and '50s-era crime film. This is BMO's first central role.

BMO appears in "James Baxter the Horse" singing "BMO's Pregnant Song" and helps Finn and Jake create their routine.

BMO is once again the central character in "BMO Lost", where they are abducted by an eagle and have to find their way home through a forest. During their adventure, they meet Bubble and the baby Sparkle, whom they try to help. Bubble ends up proposing to BMO but is popped by Jake.

In "Be More", BMO's purpose as "being more" is revealed, and they reunite with their father, Moe. BMO deletes some of their files for fun, but accidentally deletes their core system drivers. Finn and Jake discover where they were created when BMO tells them that they need new drivers. When Moe tells Finn and Jake BMO's story, CMO approaches and gives the core system to Moe, who repairs BMO without erasing their memory.

BMO has a pivotal part in "Come Along With Me", the series finale. They spend the majority of the episode in the Tree Fort, thus sitting out of the whole battle between Gumbald and Princess Bubblegum. When GOLB appears on the battlefield and seemingly swallows Finn, Betty Grof and Ice King, Jake rushes to try stopping one of GOLB's monsters and save at least BMO and the Fort.

He fails, and BMO, now with a cracked faceplate, steps up to console a sobbing, defeated Jake reduced to a smaller size. Claiming that "it's his time to be the papa" he sings "Time Adventure", cradling and consoling Jake in what seems to him their final moments; however, as GOLB is a being of Chaos, the Harmony of BMO's singing hurts him and his creatures.

As every inhabitant of Ooo joins BMO's song, they manage to defeat GOLB's monsters, save Finn and the restored Simon Petrikov and buy enough time for Betty to take GOLB's control and send him away.

Sometime later a restored and repaired BMO is seen putting Moe's Memory Disk in a rocket and sending it to space, honoring in his way the wish Moe expressed in The More You Moe, The Moe You Know (Part II), with help from Banana Man and ALLMO.

Millennia later, BMO is the new King of Ooo, living at the top of Mount Cragdor surrounded by mementos of his past life, thought to be nothing but a legend. Beth and Shermy come to seek him to ask about Finn's prosthetic arm, which they found scavenging. While BMO is visibly annoyed at the duo carelessly wrecking his possessions and tries to send them away, he warms at them upon seeing the arm, showing that, despite having lost the memory of Finn's name (which now names "Phil"), he still remembers him and Jake fondly, and agrees to tell Beth and Shermy about the fight with GOLB, "pretty much the End of Ooo," revealing them the final fate of every one of his friends before letting them go.

BMO's tale inspires the duo to reclaim the Finn Sword from Fern's tree, starting a new Adventure Time in Ooo.


Playable games

  • Adventure Master ("Business Time")
  • Pro Football 1861 ("Business Time" and "Davey")
  • "Racing game" ("My Two Favorite People")
  • Bug Battle ("Donny")
  • Lumpy Space Invaders ("What is Life?")
  • Conversation Parade ("Rainy Day Daydream")
  • "Ghost game" ("Slow Love")
  • Guardians of Sunshine ("Guardians of Sunshine")
  • Blok Invasion ("What is Life?")
  • "Tower climbing game" ("Too Young")
  • "Excitebike-type game" ("Incendium")
  • Portender Defender ("Hug Wolf")
  • Kompy's Kastle ("Beyond this Earthly Realm" and "Who Would Win")
  • "Master Chen/Horse vs Two Fighters-type game" ("BMO Noire")
  • Super Good Boys ("Five More Short Graybles")
  • Sumo Scootz ("Earth & Water")
  • "Buff guy game" ("Issue 9")
  • Regression Simulator (downloaded by Jake in "The Vault")
  • Metaphor Temple ("I Am a Sword")
  • Calling All Curlys ("President Porpoise is Missing!")

Folder content

These are some of the file names seen during the episode "Be More", BMO hid under a box and trashed the files.

First folder

  • farerecognition.txt 72kb
  • filesourcescript.exe 7.8MB (trashed)
  • filesource.source.exe 85kb (trashed)
  • FinnStuff — (trashed)
  • fundament.eth.sys 1.2MB (trashed)
  • fundament.sys 8.8 MB (trashed)
  • GooberHunt.dmg 25MB (trashed)
  • GooberHunt.info.txt 3kb
  • GooberHunt.remover.exe 42kb
  • glyph.source.exe 2MB
  • farerecognition.txt 28kb

Second folder

  • command.electricslide.exe
  • command.cleanjokes.exe (trashed)
  • concblow.wav (trashed)
  • CORE SYSTEM DRIVERS.sys (accidentally trashed)
  • controls.bmpchop.sys (trashed)
  • controls.bmokick.sys (trashed)
  • controls.brownnote.sys (trashed)
  • controls.forcefild.sys
  • controls.frownrecognition.sys


  • BMO's voice was originally much deeper. Pendleton Ward revealed this on the animatic for "Rainy Day Daydream" on the Adventure Time: The Complete First Season DVD box set, which is also heard in the animatic.
  • They want very much to understand living beings; one example is in "All's Well That Rats Swell", when they think that Finn will become young forever if he plucks his beard.
    • In the same short, they demonstrate again their ignorance of living beings, asking Finn to kiss the wound that a rat made in their hand, eventually leaving Finn sick.
    • In the same short, they seem not to know that not all animals are intelligent for wanting to make a thumb wrestling with a rat and eventually being bitten.
  • BMO can display emoticons on their screen (such as D: and -_-), as seen in "What Was Missing".
  • BMO's screen can be used as a touch screen for at least one function. Jake demonstrated this in "James Baxter the Horse".
  • When BMO lowers their volume in "Holly Jolly Secrets Part I", they put their volume on the lowest setting but could still talk.
  • As seen in "The More You Moe, The Moe You Know (Part I)" BMO apparently uses pacifiers.
  • Many of BMO's games are knock-offs of the games for the Atari 2600 video game platform.
  • According to "What Was Missing", BMO's prized possession is their controller.
  • In the special features section of the It Came from the Nightosphere DVD, BMO's age is shown as "VER. 2600" and their species kind is revealed to be "110 VOLT-60 HERTZ SYSTEM."
  • During Pendleton Ward's interview with Hot Topic, he stated that BMO is his favorite character.
  • BMO supposedly has "butt circuits" as mentioned in "BMO Lost".
  • As seen in "James Baxter the Horse", "Davey" and "Imaginary Resources", BMO can cry, and their tears are apparently triangles.
  • It was revealed in "Shh!" that BMO's favorite song is No Wonder I by the band LAKE.
  • BMO is completely the same in the Fionna and Cake version. This can be attributed to the fact that BMO has no set gender.
  • BMO is Moe's favorite robot.
  • BMO literally has a heart of gold, as seen in "Be More".
  • It was revealed that in the episode "In Your Footsteps" that BMO plays soccer.
  • BMO's BMO Chop memory (which originated from "Card Wars") was deleted in "Be More" as it implies that, unless it gets re-uploaded, we will never see it again.
  • BMO can do a kickflip on their skateboard as shown in "Card Wars".
  • BMO loves many things about weddings, including weddings in general and flowers.
  • BMO loves to love.
  • Among the relics of his past life, future BMO, as the King of Ooo, is in possession of the emptied shell of AMO.
  • In the comic Adventure Time: Beginning of the End, it is reveled that BMO is compatible with one of the Fire Giants. "My Infinity port is compatible with the Fire Giant's Protocols!" ~BMO
    • This is most likely because Moe seems to have either created or have been involved in the creation of the Fire Giants, as evident from the blueprints seen in "The More You Moe, The More You Know (Part II)".
    • BMO enjoys to read karate magazines.


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