Ba Nee O'Carolan is a minor character in the Jem and the Holograms animated series. She is one of Jerrica Benton's foster girls throughout the series and the only one who managed to be reunited with her father at the end.


Ba Nee was born in An Loc sometime after her mother's village was attacked and her parents got separated. Some years later, her mother's health started to deteriorate and soon she was facing her impending death. However, she was still able to tell Ba Nee to look for her father, an American ex-soldier who fought in the Vietnam war who's main distinctive feature was that he had red hair.

In the "Starbright" episodes, Ba Nee has trouble with her eyesight and Jerrica takes her to an eye doctor. He tells Jerrica that Ba Nee has a degenerative eye condition, possibly inherited by her parents, and that if she doesn't have eye surgery immediately, she'll become completely blind within a matter of months or even weeks, with the eye operation costing $250,000. Due to the success of the Jem and the Holograms' movie, Starbright, Ba Nee is able to have the surgery, regains her eyesight and she also gets to see the movie.

In the "Jem Jam" episodes, Ba Nee believes one of the performers, Randy James, is her real father just because he has red hair and at some point he visited Vietnam. However, it turns out that, much to Ba Nee's dismay, Randy couldn't possibly be him as he left Vietnam years before she was born. After coping with this fact, both remained just as good friends.

In Roxy Rumbles, Ba Nee gives Roxy a book to learn how to read when it is discovered that she's illiterate.

In the series' finale, A Father Should Be..., it is discovered that Ba Nee's biological father is Martin O'Carolan, who was a soldier in Vietnam in 1976 and is still alive. He and Kieu Chinh got married in the middle of the war and he arranged for her to be taken to a safe place after Kieu Chinh's village was seized by Vietnamese soldiers. It was the last time they ever saw each other. Martin suffered from amnesia after taking a severe hit to the head and was brought to the Veterens Administration Hospital to recover after the war ended and he was rescued. At the end of the episode, Ba Nee leaves Starlight House to go live with Martin and is given a big farewell party where The Stingers and even The Misfits show up.

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