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Baba, Samson, and Joshua are the animal companions of Aaron in the Rankin/Bass] television special The Little Drummer Boy and its sequel, The Little Drummer Boy, Book II. They are a lamb, a donkey, and a camel, respectively, who used to live with Aaron and his parents on their farm. Baba, Samson and Joshua enjoyed dancing to the music Aaron played on the drum he received as a birthday present from his father. But when desert bandits killed Aaron's parents and burned the farm to the ground, Baba, Samson and Joshua were the only surviving animals, and the only companions Aaron had when he vowed hatred of all humans.


One day, the animals and Aaron are kidnapped by greedy Ben Haramed and Ali, who eventually sell Joshua to the Three Kings - Melichior, Gaspar, and Balthazar. Aaron, along with Baba and Samson, follows the Star of Bethlehem in search of Joshua and eventually finds him with the Kings at the stable where baby Jesus was born. Unfortunately, Baba is injured by a Roman carriage. Wanting to save his lamb, Aaron presents a gift to baby Jesus in the form of playing his drum for him. Afterward, Baba is shown to have recovered from his injury, leading Aaron to realize that his hatred of humans was wrong.


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