George Herman Ruth Jr., more commonly known as Babe Ruth was the protagonist of the 1992 movie The Babe.

He was portrayed by John Goodman, who had also portrayed Walter Sobchak, James P. Sullivan, Ralph Jones, Pacha and Hound.

In 1902 a seven year old Babe had been left at St. Mary's Industrial School for Boys in Baltimore by his father George Sr. As he grew up Brother Matthias Boutlier introduced him to the sport of baseball. Ruth would become a powerful hitter.

At the age of 19 he was adopted by Jack Dunn and signed as a player for the Baltimore Orioles. In the middle of the 1914 season he was traded to the Boston Red Sox. During his time for the Red Sox he became a popular and well known figure, but was then traded to the New York Yankees after a run in with the team's owner.

In New York he became very popular, especially after hitting two home runs in one game for a seriously ill boy named Johnny Sylvester.

By the 1930's Babe's career was on the decline. Having been released by the Yankees Babe signed with the Boston Braves with the understanding that he would move into management. He one day overhears the Braves owners saying all he was good for was drawing crowds. In the following game he hit three powerful home runs. Babe then refused the team owner's handshake of congratulations, and quit the team by dropping his baseball cap on the ground.

Leaving the field, he meets a grown up Johnny who tells Babe that he is still Johnny's hero. The film ends with the note that Babe

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